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10 Common Bad Habits In Kids And Tips To Prevent Them
Kids often develop bad habits or behaviours at a very tender age, while some go away with time and the others remain. Nail biting, nose picking, thumb sucking and hair twirling are the most common bad habits that kids have which ...
Common Bad Habits In Kids And Tips To Prevent Them
Having Trouble Bottle Feeding Your Baby? Try These Tips
Breastfeeding is important for a newborn's health because breast milk contains antibodies which help protect the child from several common childhood illnesses, and it also provides energy and nutrients that the newborn requires for the first few months of life. The ...
12 Simple Exercising Tips For People With Diabetes
Exercise is considered a key component for the management of diabetes by lifestyle therapy. It is one of the most powerful fitness tools for diabetics. Physical activities can help keep blood glucose under control with reduced incidences of diabetes complications such ...
Simple Exercising Tips For People With Diabetes
How To Reduce Water Retention? Try These 16 Effective Ways
The human body consists of around 60 per cent of water. Water plays a vital role in carrying out important bodily functions such as regulating body temperature, helping your brain function and flushing out waste from the body. However, when excess ...
Ways To Reduce Water Retention
What To Do When See Pigmentation Spots On Your Body
It starts with a small mark that you ignore until it develops into various marks on your body that you can't. Hyperpigmentation is a common skin problem that many of us face. Usually thought to be an issue that is limited ...
6 Healthy Ways To Eat Potatoes
Potato is one of those starchy vegetables that has a bad reputation when it comes to healthy foods. Many people avoid potatoes because of their high carbohydrate content and moderate amounts of protein and fibre. Potatoes are versatile, be it boiled, ...
Healthy Ways To Eat Potatoes
14 Simple And Effective Tips To Lose Weight After Pregnancy
Weight gain is common during pregnancy. The weight gained during pregnancy is linked to your pre-pregnancy body mass index (BMI). BMI is a measure of body fat based on height and weight. Gaining the right amount of weight during pregnancy is ...
How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy
6 Tips For Raising An Independent Child
Parents are responsible for raising, disciplining their children, and shaping their children's future. They also want their child to be healthy, safe and successful. But, sometimes parents may help their children too much to protect them from pain, harm, bad experiences, ...
5 Major Tell-All Signs Of Dry Scalp
No one of us has been lucky enough to escape from hair problems. Hair problems really never go away. You deal with one and there is another one coming smack right at you. When you are going through hair problems, it ...
Signs Of Dry Scalp
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