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Easy Ways To Get Thicker Hair Naturally

By Amrutha

Worried about hair fall? Do you think the onset of monsoon is surely going to make you lose a few strands? Well, it's pretty normal to feel that way. Monsoon is that season when your hair suddenly begins to fall. It grows heavily on moisture and that affects hair growth. Monsoons tend to make your hair go frizzy and limp. You really don't love this hair any more. You wish there was a way to maintain the volume of your hair.

With dandruff finding it ways onto your hair, winters are another time in the year when your hair suddenly stops that voluminous growth. You don't like that thin hair with frizzes and absolutely malnourished look. You go ahead cut your hair to bring in some volume. But, is cutting the hair the right solution?

Can there be any other solution to increase the volume of hair naturally during these off seasons? The other reason why your hair volume might be reducing is split ends which occur because of insufficient nutrition being provided to the hair. Here are some natural remedies to increase the volume of your hair. With these remedies you can enjoy good hair for a long time.

Back Combing

By this it doesn't mean harshly teasing your hair and creating tangles, but it just means brushing your hair softly that adds up to the volume. This needs a lot of patience! First, divide your hair into different sections. Back brush your hair section by section, emphasizing more on the roots.

Blow Dry Your Hair Upside Down

While drying your hair, put your head down. Start drying it from the roots to the tips. This is the quickest and easiest hack, but it really works. Your hair will definitely look more voluminous than before in no time.

Change Your Parting

This does not require much effort or any other extra equipment. While parting your hair, just part it to the opposite side from your usual side. This will create an instant volume in the hair. This is because, when we part on the same side every day, the hair there becomes flat. So, to create an instant volume, just part your hair in the opposite side.

Make A Bun When You Sleep

This technique does not require any heat. It not only gives volume to the hair, but also leaves the hair with soft waves naturally. Isn't that exciting? So let's see how this one goes.

After having a shower, tie your hair to form a high and loose bun, when it is lightly damp. Do this before you go to sleep. Secure your bun with an elastic and leave it overnight. You can remove the bun, the next morning, and you'll find wavy and voluminous hair.

Apply Conditioner Before Shampoo

Yes, you can increase the volume of your hair by just reversing your hair-washing process. Apply the conditioner before shampooing your hair. Applying conditioners makes your hair appear smooth and silky; but it also makes your hair look thinner. But when you apply it before shampooing, it will make your hair look thicker.

Use Rollers

Rollers are also a solution to make your hair look thick and bouncy. Divide your hair into sections and and roll it with plastic or velcro rollers and leave it for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, remove the rollers and slightly comb through your hair with your fingers. This will make your hair look bouncy and thick.

Use Some Baby Powder

This is a solution when you have greasy hair. Greasy hair makes your hair look more thin, so the solution for this is using baby powder. Apply some baby powder on your hair and gently comb it. This will make your hair look thick instantly.

Use Dry Shampoos

Dry shampoo also helps in giving a voluminous look to the hair instantly. Spray some dry shampoo on your scalp, just after blow drying your hair. And there you go, thick, bouncy and voluminous hair is all yours. However, it is not recommended to use this every day.

Treat With Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the natural way to treat hair fall and get thicker hair. With Aloe Vera you can provide your hair with the essential nutrients and moisturise your hair and scalp. With the nutrients your hair grows well. Get Aloe Vera gel and apply it along the scalp. Leave it on for an hour before washing it off with shampoo. With time, hair fall is reduced.

Amla Solution

Go the herbal way to increase the volume of your hair naturally. What better way than to use amla that has earned a good name traditionally in order to increase the volume of hair? It promotes hair growth and prevents greying of your hair. You can wash your hair with a shampoo that contains amla, rub amla along your scalp or include it in your diet. Using amla is one simple tip to can increase the volume of your hair naturally.

Include Proteins

When you include proteins in your diet, you are actually providing some necessary nutrients to your scalp and hair growth. With eggs, fish and milk in your diet, you can promote hair growth. This is the most natural way to get thicker hair.

Massage With Oil

To make the roots of your hair healthy and to stimulate blood circulation, you should massage your hair well. You can use warm oil to massage the hair roots and scalp. The best oil that promotes voluminous growth is coconut or jojoba oil. With rosemary oil you can combat dandruff. Make sure you massage your hair in a circular fashion. These are some of the best ways to increase the volume of your hair naturally.

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