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Simple Ways To Curl Hair At Home

By Padmapreetham Mahalingam

Everyone likes to have a virtual facelift with new hairstyles and with new makeup trends. If you have thin straight hair and can’t figure out what to do with your hair today or next week all you have to do is curl your hair for an instant facelift.

Curly hair is actually easier to handle than straight hair. Moreover curly hair is enviable; statement making and eye catching that can never go out of fashion. If your hair is limp adding curls to them can add some volume to your bad hair. If you are looking for a feminine look then curls can do the trick.

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If you’re not blessed with naturally curly hair then using curler iron once or twice can help you to create tight, formal curls or thin spirals. Curly iron is certainly a magical device that can turn a straight hair curly in a moment. It may sound easy to do but it is indeed quite tricky to master.

So what are the ways to curl hair with a curler iron at home?

Choose The Right Size

The size of the curler iron is going to depend on what type of curls you want to try out or planning to achieve. However you need to make a choice about the size of the curling iron and it mostly depends on your hair texture.

If you’re planning to create beachy waves then try to select an iron that is one to two inches in diameter. On the other hand if you want to achieve smaller, tighter ringlets then go for 75 to one inch thick iron.

For small tight curls, it is better to opt for a small barrelled iron. Interestingly if you want to try beachy waves then choose a big curling iron barrel.

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Right Temperature

If your hair is fragile then use low heat setting (below 200 degrees to avoid damaging your hair). On the other hand if your hair is curly or thick then try to choose a higher temperature between 200- 300 degrees.

If your hair is colour treated then try below 200 degrees. When you start to curl your hair never try to increase the temperature as you need to notice how it reacts to the heat. These are important ways to curl your hair with curler iron.

Brush Your Hair Thoroughly

Before using the curler iron make sure to remove any tangles or knots in your hair. Firstly your hair should be completely dry before you curl your hair. Removing tangles can not only give you effortless time to curl your hair but it would help you to achieve distinct curls.

Heat Protectants

Make sure to prep your hair properly before you start the heat styling. Remember to wash and condition your hair if it’s oily or limp. It is important to mist damp hair from roots to ends with curling serum or some hairspray.

The heat protectant can help to prevent damage from high temperatures. This is one of the ways to follow when you curl your hair with curler iron.

Divide Hair Into Sections

It is important that you divide and clip the hair into diagonal sections. The sections have to be about 2 to 3 inches wide. Also there should be about three to four sections from the bottom to the crown of the head. Moreover if your curler is more of spring barrel iron then try to clamp hair at the ends and then slide up until it is absolutely around the barrel.

If you are using a clamp less iron then make sure to swathe the section around the barrel especially at the roots. Wrap the hair in a spiral manner, around the barrel of the iron. It is better to work from the nape of your neck first by taking two inch section of hair and then comb through it.

Hold the ends tightly around the barrel. Next hold the hair for nearly 10 to 20seconds. Make sure to release the hair and haze the section lightly with hairspray. Always remember to pick up the section at the end and apply a light hold hairspray to create a lift. Carry on until your entire head is curled.

Avoid Curl On Damp Hair

It is important that you don’t curl when it is damp or wet. This would sear the strands. These are some of the ways to curl hair with curler iron.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 2, 2015, 1:30 [IST]