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We all know that there are different types of combs that are used for different purposes. There is a curling comb, a hair brush etc. However, did you know that all kinds of combs are not best for your hair? They say that you have to choose a comb based on the type of hair you have. Sometimes, the wrong comb can also become a very serious cause of hairfall.

As we all use combs on a regular basis and it comes in direct contact with the hair and scalp, we must choose the best comb to suit us. Here are some of the types of combs that you can consider using.

Best Comb For Hair

The Best Comb For..

1. Straight Hair: This type of hair is usually low maintenance hair. The trouble with this kind of hair is that it gets a little flat sometimes. First of all, you must use a comb with wide apart teeth to do the first round of combing. After that when the hair is untangled, you can use a curling comb with dotted bristles to add some bounce to your hair. Never comb back straight hair because it looks very flat on your crown.

2. Curly Hair: This kind of hair is slightly less manageable than straight hair. The natural curly texture of the hair will make it more prone to tangles. So, your motif should to be to keep the knots out of your hair as much as possible. People who have curly hair should avoid hair brushes because they might make your hair frizzy. The best comb for curly hair is a wide toothed vent comb.

3. Frizzy Hair: Every one who has curly hair may not have frizzy hair too. However, when the curls in your hair are too fine then your hair can be called frizzy. It takes more than a mere comb to manage frizzy hair. Ideally you would need a hair smoothing portion. On a regular basis, use the narrowest possible comb for this kind of hair so that it flattens out. It is very difficult to make frizzy hair settle properly on your head. So comb your hair when it is wet.

4. Thin & Limp Hair: Most often, your hair becomes limp when you do not comb it enough. Sometimes, people who have thin and limp hair are scared to comb their hair vigorously because they fear to lose hair. This is a wrong theory. You may lose hair while combing but it will still benefit you. When your hair limp then the best comb for you is a round and dotted hair brush. It will improve the blood circulation in your scalp and trigger the growth of hair follicles. It will also give you the much needed bounce.

So, what type of comb do you use?

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