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Which Hairstyle Suits You The Best?

By Ankit Gupta

Hey, the life is too short to sport a boring hairstyle. I go crazy as a loon when I see the iconic Brigitte Bardot's teased & tousled mane, Farrah Fawcett's wild layers, Kim Kardashian's shiny straight mane, Gwen Stefani's pink or platinum hair knots, and Taylor Swift's oh-so girly bangs.

To step into their shoes, I dyed my hair blonde, only to realize that I've started looking paler. I was devastated when my happening bob-cut transformed into a fussy hair triangle after a single wash.

Blame goes to none but my bad-hair choices. The grass always appears to be greener on the other side, although my mistakes have informed me everything.

As a matter of fact, now I know my sister's amazingly brushed-out ringlets are going to fine-tune me into a honeycomb. *sigh of pain*

Anyway, it cannot hold me from romancing my hair. I've understood that the obvious solution to weave a story of beautiful locks is to play with your strengths and conceal your flaws.

Then, for sure you'll have a swell of admiring and envious eyes gazing you from afar. Let's just go straight to the main point and create a nice lovely hairstyle to suit your needs


Identify Your Face Shape, Girlie!

If you want a made-to-order hairstyle, the first thing you must consider is your face shape.

Observe the measurements of the forehead, cheekbones, jawline and face length in the mirror.

Discern your face shape out of the common face shapes namely oval, round, heart, square, diamond and oblong.


Chop It!

Get the haircuts that look drop-dead gorgeous on your face.

Oval: Get layers near the cheekbones, lips or chin.

Diamond: Have a lot of layers and bangs falling around the forehead's centre.

Round: Cloak the roundness by layering down the hair near the earlobe.

Heart: Avoid the wide forehead with the long side-swept bangs.

Square: Go for length.

Oblong: Avoid too much of length and create the width by way of waves and bangs.


Twist That Hair Into Braids!

Feel beautiful in a braided hairstyle that oozes the careless French vibes.

Oval And Diamond: Luckily, you can rock any sort of braids!

Round: Try French braids that make your face appear ovalish.

Heart: Go for the loose, tousled braids with a few strands falling on your face.

Square: Parade in the wobbly braids that soften your sharp features.

Oblong: Gather your braids up for a smashing look, instead of the long styles.


Tie Them In A Bun!

When on the run, tie your hair into a nonchalant bun, and look utterly chic.

Oval And Diamond: Shout out to any bun you like!

Round: Befriend the high buns and top knots.

Heart: Pick the taut, low, mid-height or high buns, avoiding the volume at the crown.

Square: Create a bun higher or lower than your jawline.

Oblong: Make a spectacle in wide and voluminous buns at the nape of your neck.


Knot Them In A Ponytail, Girl!

Knit an enchanting tale of the ponytail for a girly or a lady-like appeal.

Oval: Do whatever you want, lucky girl!

Diamond: Select a neat ponytail with the fullness around the crown.

Round: Stick by the rule, "the higher, the better".

Heart: Wander around in the mid-height ponytail at the crown.

Square: Gather your hair in a face-framing ponytail with wisps peeking out.

Oblong: Bond with the high pony.


Let Them Sway!

Part your loose and beautiful tresses correctly to flaunt them in their all-natural or not-so-natural glory. *wink*

Oval: Go creative, honey!

Diamond: Grow your fringe and side part.

Round: Create a curtain effect by a deep side part.

Heart: Choose centre parting, if you've a long hair; and side part, in case of a layered mane.

Square: Soften your features by deep side parting the hair in the direction of its natural fall.

Oblong: Sweep your hair to the side showing off the ears.


But Hey, Don’t Overlook The Hair Texture!

For your information, the short curly hair isn't too impressive and the long fine hair looks oh-so lifeless! It is all the game of textures you see.

Wavy: That's dream come true, ain't it?

Fine: Shoulder length is best for you.

Straight: Style them anyway, they're naturally pretty.

Thick: Tame the heaviness by adding layers.

Curly: Keep them long to weigh them down.


8 Dare To Colour!

Bathe your locks in the lighter and brighter hues to even out your overall complexion and get some serious makeover, lady!

Warm Undertones: Achieve a light mane with cool/ash colours, a dark mane with rich browns or dark reds, and highlights with the cooler colours.

Cool Undertones: Colour your mane in the warm, honey and chocolate hues or reveal your fun side in the edgy shades of pink, green or blue.


Lastly, Work Out Your Hair Fancies!

Sweetheart, you don't have to restrict yourself to the rules of shapes and textures. The cornucopia of haircuts and hairstyles is there to make you feel confident and attractive in your own skin. So, choose the one that you like the best and tweak it a bit to downplay your negatives and up-play the positives.

That's about the best hairstyles to turn the women from every walk of life into the trifecta of beauty, regardless of the age, appearance or angles of the face.

Achieving these hairstyles is a cakewalk, and still, if you sense the need of any help, the YouTube tutorials and Google are always there by your side to the rescue!

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