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Authentic Panchmel Dal Recipe
A proper Indian meal is never complete without having dal. Needless to say that dal is an integral dish of the Indian cuisine. However, sometimes we do get bored of having the same dal again and again. That is why, there ...
Panchmel Dal Recipe

Darbari Dal Recipe For Summer
Darbari dal is sounds a pretty royal recipe. However, if you are expecting a very complicated dal recipe then you will be pleasantly surprised. Darbari dal is made with the mix of two dals, toor and masoor dal. But it is ...
Spicy Tomato Dal Recipe
Tomatoes are sweet, juicy, and delicious. They are of great benefit for health. Tomatoes are a great source of Vitamin A, C, K, folate and potassium. They are good for skin as well. Tomatoes are packed with nutrition, good for strengthening ...
Spicy Tomato Dal Recipe
Spicy Vegetable Dal Recipe
Dal is an Indian lentil soup that is prepared with lentils and other grams and pulses. There are many types of dal that can be prepared as a side dish for the main course. You can either boil dal with few ...
Nutritive Boiled Moong Dal Recipe
Lentils or dals are the perfect side dish for an Indian meal. They are easy to digest and have high nutritional value too! Man nutritionists say that we must eat lentils on a regular basis. Many ...
Boiled Moong Dal Recipe
Adraki Dal: Sunday's Special
Dal is a dish that is an integral part of Indian cuisine. We have dal almost everyday. So needless to say all the common dal recipes have been used exhaustively. That is why a novel recipe like Adraki cal can bring ...
Daal Tadka: Dhaba Style Recipe
Dhaba dishes are very popular in Indian houses. Foodies love to visit dhaba and grab some delicious and spicy Indian dishes. From snacks, rotis, parathas, curries, sabzis to lassi, we all love to have dhaba food. The use of spices in ...
Daal Tadka Dhaba Style Recipe
9 Must-Try Dal Recipes From India
Dal recipes are quite abundant in the Indian sub-continent. As a large portion of the Indian population are vegetarians, they have dals or pulses as a source of proteins. Indians have dals almost everyday. So having the same type of dal ...
Lasooni Dal To Delight All
Lasooni dal is a special dal recipe that has many versions. Every version of this dal recipe is local; it changes from place to place. For example, in Mumbai Dal Lasooni is just plain toor dal garnished with minced garlic. But ...
Lasooni Dal Recipe
Kheema Dal: A Mouth-watering Recipe
Dal is a preparation of pulses that is highly popular in India. A dal recipe can be made with a lot of varied items. For non-vegetarian lovers the best would be kheema dal. This dal recipe comprises of finely minced meat, ...
Lucknowi Dal: Awadhi Dal Recipe
Lucknowi dal is a special dal recipe from the heartland of ancient Awadh. This special Awadhi recipe has the fragrance of Lucknowi spices. Like everything else in Lucknow, the special Lucknowi dal too has its own characteristic flavour. Although it is ...
Lucknowi Dal Recipe
Tomato Pappu: Andhra Style Dal Recipe
The Tomato Pappu or dal as it is called in the North, is the most basic requirement of vegetarian Andhra cuisine. This dal recipe forms the soul of a meal and is cherished deeply as a symbol of vegetarian Andhra recipes. ...
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