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9 Must-Try Dal Recipes From India


Dal recipes are quite abundant in the Indian sub-continent. As a large portion of the Indian population are vegetarians, they have dals or pulses as a source of proteins. Indians have dals almost everyday. So having the same type of dal every other day gets boring. That is why we need a wide variety of dal recipes to keep our meals interesting.

Here are some of the best dal recipes that you simply must try.


Dal Tadka

The most popular type of dal famous in North India. It is known for its spicy Tadka


Luckowi Dal

Toor Dal brewed in milk and Awadhi spices.


Mango Dal

Summer would never be the same with the sour delight of Mango Dal.


Dal Sabji

All the seasonal vegetables cooked with a combination of dals.


Dal Makhani

A popular Punjabi delicacy made with black urad dal and lots of butter.


Dal Gosht

Succulent pieces of lamb steamed with toor dal and a assortment of spices.


Dal Lasooni

Love the flavour of garlic? Then you must try this special Bihari way of making dal.


Tomato Pappu

Andhra style toor dal cooked with lots of tomatoes for a tangy taste.


Kheema Dal

Minced meat blended with the smooth taste of Bengal gram dal.

1. Dal Tadka: A delicacy as popular as dal tadka hardly needs any introduction. It is present in every Indian restaurant menu. This dal is made with toor dal and famous for its, 'tadka' or seasoning with dry red chillies and ghee.

2. Luckowi Dal: Compared to the searing tadka of the previous dal recipe, Lucknowi dal is a mild dish. Like dal tadka it is cooked with toor dal but milk used in this recipe softens up the zesty spices. It is basically an Awadhi recipe that not only tastes good but also smells delicious.

3. Mango Dal: When the heat of the summer is at its peak, enjoy a treat with mango dal. This is an Andhra style pappu curry (dal cooked as curry) that makes use of green unripe mangoes. The sour taste is a trademark of this dal recipe.

4. Dal Sabji: The proteins of dal do not make a complete meal. You need to add the essential nutrients of vegetables to it. Dal sabji is a delicious Indian dal made with 3 different kinds of pulses and a variety of vegetables. You can add any vegetable of your choice to this dish.

5. Dal Makhani: This is a popular Punjabi dish that is very much liked across the country. Made with black urad dal, dal makhani provides a creamy taste that is not spicy at all. The urad dal has to be first boiled in water and strained of the water. Then it is brewed in milk, butter and spices to get the rich brown colour.

6. Dal Gosht: So far we have discussed only vegetarian dal recipes. But it is not like there are no special attractions for non vegetarians as far as dals are concerned. Dal gosht is recipe of mutton pieces cooked in curry of toor dal.

7. Dal Lasooni: This is one of the favourite Indian dals from the state of Bihar. It is a mixture of toor, masoor and moong dal. An excess of minced garlic is added to it for flavour. If you like the pungent aroma of garlic, you will love Dal Lasooni.

8. Tomato Pappu: In Andhra Pradesh, dals are called pappus and cooked like curries with lots of spices. The tomato pappu curry is a perfect example. It is cooked with the South Indian seasoning of mustard and curry leaves. It also has a generous amount of tomatoes for the tangy taste.

9. Kheema Dal: It is another delicacy specially for meat lovers. Minced meat of kheema is cooked in a delicious blend of Bengal gram dal (cholar dal). Garnished with raw onions and coriander leaves, it makes quite a meal.

These are some of dal recipes that you must not miss. How many of these dals have you tried already?

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