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How Kareena Kapoor Lost Her Weight After Pregnancy

Kareena Kapoor has always amazed the Indian film industry. With her sizzling beauty and size-zero figure, she has stupefied many. Now she's enjoying motherhood, while the whole world is eager to know about her latest looks.

Yes, everyone would like to know the fitness secret of Kareena. It is just a few months ago that she delivered her little baby boy and within two months, she has seemed to reduce quite a lot of weight and has a more glowing skin.

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Even when Kareena was pregnant, she was in the limelight, unlike other Bollywood beauties. She has become an icon of today's working women in every sense. But the real wonder was when Kareena came out after her delivery.

The lady who'd put on 18 kg during her pregnancy lost a few kilos within a very short span of time. Wow....isn't that amazing? Now, everyone wants to know the fitness secret of Kareena.

In a recent interview, Kareena said that she wants to go back to her normal size but not with an overnight change, instead she wants to lose her weight in a light, happy and energetic way.

Below, we are going to discuss more on how Kareena Kapoor has managed to lose her baby weight after pregnancy. Take a look.


Tall Glass Of Milk

Yes, stunning queen, Kareena Kapoor has a tall glass of milk daily to build and maintain a strong body post pregnancy. You may lose calcium during pre and post-pregnancy period.

And milk is the best option to accelerate the calcium levels in your body. According to Kareena, a glass of milk means getting back in shape.



One of the most important fitness secrets of Kareena is drinking more than 8 glasses of water. Kareena usually takes 8 to 10 glasses of boiled water every day. Pre and post-pregnancy time requires lots of water. So start drinking water like Kareena and keep your body fit.

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Kareena is a sincere and enthusiastic yoga practitioner. She says yoga keeps her mind, body and health in a perfect balance. Kareena goes in for a warm up, power yoga, Surya namaskar, breathing exercises and many more to maintain her body flexibility and to keep it toned.


Pure Veggie

The beauty queen of Bollywood is a pure vegetarian. Her breakfast, lunch and dinner are filled with many healthy vegetarian foods like muesli, cheese, bread slices, parathas, soy milk, chapattis, dal, green salads and soups. All this helps her to maintain a healthy body and lose weight.

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Snacks Once In Every Two Hours

Snacks are like power providers. But usually, we prefer fried items and unhealthy things as snacks. But our Kareena Kapoor takes healthy snacks only in between her main meals.

This can be a protein shake or fruits. These help her remain energetic and at the same time aid weight loss.


Cardio Workout

Along with yoga and a strict diet, Kareena also does cardio workouts to lose weight and to keep her body fit. This actually has helped her to get back in shape in a healthy way after pregnancy. Kareena wants a slow change than a fast one to work on her body after pregnancy.



After her son was born, Kareena started walking with the expert's advice. Post pregnancy is a time where it becomes difficult to do severe exercises, so walking comes to help in such situations.

Apart from yoga and some small cardio workouts, walking helped to make her feel and look healthy and slimmer.