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Why Teenage Pregnancy Is Dangerous

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The journey of a pregnant teenager girl isn't easy and therefore, it isn't advisable to try such an adventure without full maturity or clarity.

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Even if the relationship with the partner is stable, there are many other things that are to be handled by a pregnant woman and this might or might not be possible at such a young age.

There are many aspects to this problem. Health issues, emotional issues and social issues arise when a teenager suddenly gets pregnant.

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Falling in love without attaining proper idea about life and its struggles could be one side of the issue. And on the other side, pregnancy at such a young age might make things worse. Here are some negative effects.


Problem #1

The first negative impact falls on education. Teenage pregnancy may hamper education. Firstly, it could be tough to manage pregnancy and education together. Secondly, the humiliation or ridicule by other students may make one stay away from studies.


Problem #2

Health experts say that a teenager's body may not be able to handle certain pregnancy complications. This could increase the risk of birth defects in the foetus.


Problem #3

Statistics claim that pregnant teenage girls undergo more stress than pregnant women who are much older. As pregnancy involves both physical and emotional stress, young girls may not have enough maturity or knowledge to handle it.


Problem #4

A percentage of teenagers who get pregnant take the health precautions easy. This is why some of them smoke and drink and some even fail to follow diet guidelines and this could increase the risk of miscarriage.


Problem #5

Also, teenagers may or may not have knowledge of raising a kid; when there is no support from elders, things would only get worse.


Problem #6

Reputation in the society is another thing that becomes difficult to handle. Others around may not treat pregnant teenagers well and this could cause depression and low self-esteem. Also, classmates of her may suddenly drift apart giving excuses instead of helping her.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 20, 2016, 8:05 [IST]
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