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7 Remedies For Female Infertility

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Infertility is about the inability to conceive a baby even after participating in intercourse without using any birth control methods. If regular intercourse for more than a year doesn't result in pregnancy, then it could be infertility.

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The journey from conception to pregnancy till delivery is indeed a long one. Inability to reach till the final stage due to miscarriages or other reasons could also be a type of infertility that needs attention.

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Many health issues could also affect the success rate of pregnancy. Endometriosis, fallopian tube issues, thyroid issues, anemia, uterine fibroids, PCOS and certain other health issues could also interfere with healthy reproduction.

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When it comes to other lifestyle factors, drinking, smoking, obesity, old age, stress, malnutrition, and irregular monthly cycles could also affect the success rate of conception.

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Here are some home remedies to boost fertility. But consult a doctor first before trying any of these remedies because your medical history, current health condition and various other factors need to be considered before trying any remedy.


Maca Root

It helps a lot in hormonal production. It is a remedy for infertility. Take a cup of warm milk and add a spoon of maca root (in its powdered form). But don't consume it when you are pregnant.



Dates provide iron and vitamins B, A and E. Dates are said to increase the chances of conception and offer nutrients that help in carrying the child till delivery. Eat 5-6 dates a day.



Cinnamon powder can be mixed with a cup of warm water and consumed once a day. It promotes ovarian function, boosts fertility and also treats uterine fibroids and endometriosis. But don't consume more than a single teaspoon per day.



Ashwagandha is said to help in restoring hormonal balance. It is said to help the reproductive system work efficiently. Also, it minimises stress levels too. Take a cup of luke warm water and add a spoon of ashwagandha powder to it and mix it well. Consume it two times in a day. But consult your doctor before using ashwagandha.


Vitamin D

Lack of vitamin D could also cause miscarriage or infertility. Therefore, get some sunlight and eat foods like eggs, cheese and salmon to boost your intake of this vitamin.



Even yoga is said to treat certain fertility issues. Certain poses in yoga are said to promote fertility. They include butterfly pose, yoga nidra, seated forward bend pose etc. Find a yoga expert in your area to learn those poses as you may need to perform such poses only under the supervision of an instructor at least in the initial stages.



The role that pomegranate plays is enhancing blood circulation to the reproductive areas. It is said to minimise the risk of miscarriage. It is also good for fetal development. Enjoy a glass of juice.

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