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Painful Things To Handle After Pregnancy

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Pregnancy isn't easy! And then pregnancy could result in several changes in the biochemistry. These changes could affect the health even after pregnancy.

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On one side, you may need to face the challenges of raising the baby in the healthiest way possible and on the other side, you may have to deal with your body's changes.

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During the course of recovery from pregnancy and delivery, your body undergoes certain changes. You may need to be very patient till you feel normal. Here are some of the painful things to handle after pregnancy...


Problem #1

Almost 75% of women undergo what's known as postpartum blues. Mood swings, depression, lethargy, irritability, frustration, insomnia, weeping and certain other symptoms could follow. Hormones and their fluctuations could be the reason behind the process.


Problem #2

Dryness in the vagina could also temporarily affect women soon after delivery. Hormonal fluctuations and breastfeeding could also be the reasons behind the dryness.


Problem #3

Another inconvenient thing to deal with after-delivery is the belly. It could take a lot of time for you to get back to shape.


Problem #4

Breasts could swell and feel painful in some new moms. Sensitive nipples could give hard time while breast feeding.


Problem #5

In some women, hair loss could occur on alarming levels after delivery. The reason could be a dip in the estrogen levels.


Problem #6

Even the digestive system could get affected. Constipation could occur as the digestive system may become slow during that phase. Also, the medicines could also affect the digestion.


Problem #7

Some women may also experience pain in their private parts, abdomen and even in the ribs. Also, when the uterus gradually gets back to its normal size, it could cause pain. In fact, recovering from cesarean could be more painful.


Problem #8

Bleeding could also occur along with clots. It could last for a couple of weeks and may gradually stop. It is similar to the menstrual bleeding.


Problem #9

The changes in estrogen levels could also cause hot flashes as your body fails to regulate its temperature properly.

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