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Why Kids Lie And How To Overcome It?
Kids often lie as they do not know the difference between a truth and a lie. Children lie in order to hide something that they have done wrong and to avoid the negative consequences. They may lie to adults according to ...
Simple Tips To Decorate Your Child’s Study Area
All of us know the importance of education in a person's life. That is why we, as parents, are overtly conscious that our children get the best of it. Now while the very first learning in a person's life begins at ...
Simple Tips To Decorate Your Childs Study Area
How To Pamper Yourself After Childbirth
The phase of pregnancy and delivery can be a daunting task for a woman. But the end result of having your cute little newborn in your arms makes all the pains of delivery go away. Their cute smile and otherworldly faces ...
Things You Need To Know About Child Sexual Abuse
There are no two ways about it. Child sexual abuse is rampant in the society and if the statistics are to be believed, it is on the rise. The sexual abuse of a child is not a comfortable thing to talk ...
Ways Of Controlling Child Abuse
Can Toddlers Eat Popcorn?
Can toddlers eat popcorn? When can kid eat popcorn? Well, the only problem with foods like popcorn is that it can result in choking! Yes, it is better to avoid feeding your toddler with foods like popcorn until your kid crosses ...
Why Ketchup Is Bad For Your Kid!
Is ketchup healthy or unhealthy? Toasts, bread, salads, fries or even burgers are tasteless without tomato ketchup! Dip those foods in a cup of ketchup and you will feel like thanking your taste buds. Most of us think that ketchup is ...
Ketchup Healthy Or Unhealthy
Does Nipple Stimulation Induce Labour?
After 40 weeks of pregnancy, it is time one would curiously wait for the delivery. Those who plan the delivery at home generally try to induce labour using certain steps. Do such techniques work? Well, health experts say that some methods ...
Maternal High-Fat Diet May Affect Kids' Mental Health
Babies whose mothers consumed a high-fat diet during their pregnancy may be at an increased risk of developing mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression, a study has warned.The findings, of an animal study, showed that an unhealthy diet not ...
Maternal High Fat Diet May Affect Kids Mental Health
Moderate Exercise In Pregnancy May Cut C-Sec Risk
Indulging in moderate intensity aerobics exercises and stationary cycling during pregnancy may decrease the risk of having a caesarean section (C-sec) or developing diabetes, a study has shown.Half of all women of childbearing age worldwide are overweight or obese, which puts ...
Can An Unborn Baby Hear Your Voice?
Expecting parents would love to talk to their baby much before the delivery. The baby in the womb can actually identify certain sounds during the 9th month of pregnancy, says a new study. Research claims that a foetus can hear sounds ...
Can An Unborn Baby Hear
Things To Note When Taking Care Of Twins
Ask any new parent and she/he will tell you how tiring and exhausting it is to take care for a baby. Now, imagine what it will be like for the parents of twins. Having twins is like having double the joy, ...
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