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This Video Of A Boy 'Fainting' At His Circumcision Will Put A Smile On Your Face

By Nia

Ever tried getting a kid to do something they don't want to? Chances are that they not only like what they are being forced to do but might react in unusual ways as well.

You could either see them protest or rebelling in a way that you give up on them.

They exactly know how to grab the attention of those around. Throwing tantrums or crying out loud are some of the regular scenes that kids create when they wish to get what they want.

Here is a case of a young Muslim boy who was getting circumcised.

Check out the crazy thing he did!

The video of this young boy, who is apparently going through a circumcision, went viral on Twitter for a hilarious reason.

As most circumcisions are painful, the boy is seen crying in fear and even begging those involved to stop it. But his pleas fell on deaf ears.

As the video progresses, into a few seconds of struggling, the boy seems to have "fainted" as he tries to free himself from the pain.

Initially, one would believe that the boy had passed out from fear.

But hold on, here is the twist! Moments later, the boy appears to wake up as he sticks his tongue out!

The boy's acting was so convincing that he even fooled his family and all those in the room look visibly worried as they try waking him up.

Aww, what a naughty boy this little kid is!

We hope that looking at the video, you would have had a good laugh too, just like the people in the room!

Trivia about circumcision in Islam:

It is a process that is carried out as a part of the Islamic culture.

According to the belief, the male circumcision is widespread in Islam.

It is considered to be a sign of belonging to the wider Islamic community across the world.

Story first published: Friday, July 19, 2019, 8:00 [IST]
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