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What To Expect During Vaccination?
Vaccination is a topic that had been embroiled in debate as to whether it is good for your baby or not. The experts of the medical field opine that every child should be vaccinated and immunized against known dangerous diseases. Many ...
What Happens During Vaccination

How To Know If Your Baby Is Having Growth Spurts?
Babies grow very fast but this growth does not happen at a steady pace. Usually, babies go through a resting phase where they grow a little and then go through a rapid phase of growth, which is known as a Growth ...
Lactation Without Pregnancy: How Is It Possible?
It is natural to lactate during pregnancy and childbirth. But is there a possibility to lactate without undergoing the pregnancy phase? Lactation occurs when the hormones activate the mammary glands which produce milk. The objective of milk production is to nourish ...
Lactation Without Pregnancy
Recipes For Healthy Drinks After The Delivery
It is traditional in many parts of India that women have to undergo a period of around 40 days of confinement after the delivery of a child. This is done to make sure that the mother gets the required amount of ...
Caffeine During Breastfeeding: Is It Bad?
When pregnant, all the new mothers-to-be take care of their diet. They make sure that they do not consume something that would harm their baby who is growing inside them. The same holds true when a mother breastfeeds her baby. When ...
Caffeine While Breastfeeding Side Effects
What To Do About Your Baby's Food Troubles?
Mealtimes are a source of strife and tension in most households where babies and toddlers are present. This should not be the case. Mealtimes should be enjoyable and fun for both the caregiver and the child. As a parent, you need ...
Century-Old Drug May Provide Hope For Autistic Kids
Administering a single dose of 100-year-old drug suramin -- originally developed to treat African sleeping sickness -- can improve symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in children, a study said.During the study, four boys who received the suramin infusion displayed improvement ...
Century Old Drug May Provide Hope For Autistic Kids
Why Crying Is Good For Your Baby
Sometimes, you never know why your baby is crying. Actually, crying is the language of babies. Your baby is trying to tell you something. Though most of us perceive crying as a bad thing, it isn't always bad as far as ...
How To Prevent Accidental Poisoning In Toddlers
Babies and toddlers tend to put everything into their mouths. It is an inbuilt reflex that makes the babies and toddlers do this. It is way in which they feel the world around them and learn more about it. Apart from ...
Questions About Going Into Labour
Pregnancy is one of the most magical and cherished times in a woman's life. Of course, it is no bed of roses. Most pregnant women have their share of problems in their pregnancy. Morning sickness, bloating and mood swings to just ...
Common Questions About Labour
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