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Does Nipple Stimulation Induce Labour?


After 40 weeks of pregnancy, it is time one would curiously wait for the delivery. Those who plan the delivery at home generally try to induce labour using certain steps.

Do such techniques work? Well, health experts say that some methods seem to work only if the body has already reached the phase of delivery. When the body isn't ready, such methods may not work, say experts.

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Also, if there are any complications or other issues related to pregnancy, it is not at all recommended to try any method to induce labour, say health experts. Here are some facts about labour inducing methods.

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What Surveys Say

A survey claims that nearly 50% of the women who try to induce labour at home generally try methods like eating spicy foods or participating in mild intercourse.

Without consulting a doctor, trying such methods may not be safe. Actually, there isn't enough evidence to prove that such methods work.


Does It Work?

Does stimulation of nipples help in inducing labour? Yes, there is some evidence to this. But unless your doctor examines your condition and says it is safe to try, it is NOT recommended.

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How It Works

If it works, how does it work? Well, stimulation of nipples releases oxytocin. It is a hormone which can make you feel good. It also helps in inducing labour and enhancing the bond with the baby.



After birth, oxytocin also helps in contracting the uterus to its actual size. Breast stimulation may help in inducing labour.

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Recent Study

As a part of a study, almost 400 pregnant women were examined just before the labour. Several methods were used to induce labour but nipple stimulation seemed to work well. This prevented a C-Section for some women who participated in the study.



Stimulation of nipples may work only in the case of normal pregnancy. It isn't safe to try if your doctor doesn't allow it. If you are planning labour at home, make it a point to talk to your doctor once.

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