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Simple Tips To Decorate Your Child’s Study Area

All of us know the importance of education in a person's life. That is why we, as parents, are overtly conscious that our children get the best of it. Now while the very first learning in a person's life begins at home, after a certain age he or she is enrolled in a school.

Just because your little one is enrolled in a school it does not mean that they will not have anything to study at home. In fact, as the years pass by and your little one progresses from one grade to the other, he or she will have more and more to study.

While the nature of study may range from that of homework to project work and assignment, it can be assured that your child will carry a major chunk of his academic pressure home. The Indian educational situation will ensure that he or she will.

Now while there is nothing much that you can do to take the academic pressure off his shoulders, what you can do is to make the process of studying at home more comfortable for him or her. This noble initiative starts with setting up the right ambience so that your child can study in peace.

In this context, decorating your child's study room in the correct manner will go a long way in motivating him or her towards academic excellence. Here is a list of tips that you can follow to ensure that your child has the perfect study room.



If you are designing the décor of the place where you want your child to study, the first thing that you should keep in mind is the lighting of the place. It is a good practice to settle for an area that has a lot of natural lighting. Speaking of artificial lighting, try to keep it simple and stick to white instead of trying out any other colours.



Do not flood your child's study area with too much of furniture. Doing so will distract him and hinder his concentration. Instead opt for a small desk that has storage space. Going for a coordinating file cabinet is also a good idea. Whatever furniture you choose for your little one's study, make sure that you do not miss out on that comfortable chair for him or her to spend their productive time in.


Invest In Coolers And Air Conditioners

If you are living in a city that gets too hot in the summers, it is a good idea to invest in an air conditioner or cooler for your child's study. This will encourage him or her to study during the summer months and he will end up studying more. The extra hours of study that they will put in will surely show up in the long run.


Wall Colour

Make sure that the room has a light and soothing colour to it. Do not go for very bright or dark hues. If you really want a dab of vibrant colours, you can paint one of the walls (or maybe the shelf openings) in a bold and invigorating colour. But make sure that if you are doing something of this sort, you stick to only one of the walls.


Build A Library

If your child grows up seeing books all around him chances are that he will want to read. All of us are well aware of the fact that a child who reads is the one who grows up to become an adult who thinks. Hence, investing in a children's library is something that will pay off in the long run. Make sure you keep children's books of as many different genres as possible.



Since it is a workspace it is obvious that the area will have a lot of knick knacks. In order to ensure that your little one is able to find whatever he wants exactly when he or she needs them, what you can do is to invest in different kinds of storage options. Appropriate shelves, cork boards, cubbies, baskets and containers will ensure that the place is tidy and this will ensure that your child is able to focus better in his or her academics.


Appropriate Curtains And Drapes

Although we would want the study area to be bright and fresh with lots of natural lighting and fresh air, we do not want the room to be over lit. If you have a computer in the room for all that project work, the extra lighting will result in glares which are harmful to your child's eyes. That is why it is important to invest in proper curtains and drapes. In some cases, going for blinds is also a good idea.


Carrying The Legacy Forward

If there is a particular item that you loved out of your childhood study room, you can consider getting the same for your child's study as well. The same applies to your partner as well. Doing so will keep your child connected to his roots and encourage him to stick to family values. Seeing things out of his or her parent's childhood day in and day out will make your child take pride in the family legacy.



Your child must be able to connect to his study area. The best way to ensure that such a thing happens is to personalize the same with some of his favourite items. You can also go for Disney, Barbie, D C, Marvel or other themed posters and other décor. You can also go for some form of monogrammed items or even a personal wall art.


Keep Electronic Gadgets Away

Unless your child needs a desktop or laptop for his projects, try to keep his or her study area devoid of any form of electronic gadgets. Keep minimal number of plugging points in this room. This will ensure that his focus remains solely on his academics and that his attention is not devoted to any form of unnecessary distraction.

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