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6 Tips For Raising An Independent Child
Parents are responsible for raising, disciplining their children, and shaping their children's future. They also want their child to be healthy, safe and successful. But, sometimes parents may help their children too much to protect them from pain, harm, bad experiences, ...
Tips For Raising An Independent Child

11 Tips On How To Build Your Child’s Self-Confidence
Self-confidence is an important part of healthy child development. It helps children cope with mistakes, try again even when they fail for the first time, which makes them recognise and value their own capabilities and strengths. Self-confidence helps children to deal ...
Ways To Protect Your Children From Coronavirus
Since the onset of the coronavirus outbreak, researchers and doctors are recommending people how to protect themselves from the disease and how to stay away from sick people. But, parents are concerned about their kids because the virus spreads easily from ...
Ways To Protect Your Children Against Coronavirus
Guide To Preparing Your Child With ADHD For School
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disorder that makes it difficult for a person to concentrate and control impulsive behaviour. The symptoms of ADHD can begin in childhood, however, they can continue through the adolescence and adulthood. If your ...
Guide To Preparing Your Child With Adhd For School
Mum Was Shocked To Discover This In Her Child’s Mouth
Imagine you waking up and finding something unusual and bizarre happening to your baby? Something similar happened to this woman who revealed that she found an unusual black spot in her baby's mouth! A concerned mum named Darian Depreta was filled ...
Why You Should Not Compare Your Child?
The saying that every child is unique in his or her own way is much more than just a saying. It is a thumb rule that every parent must follow if they wish to raise a confident and happy child. Keeping ...
Why You Should Not Compare Your Child
Simple Tips To Decorate Your Child’s Study Area
All of us know the importance of education in a person's life. That is why we, as parents, are overtly conscious that our children get the best of it. Now while the very first learning in a person's life begins at ...
How Is A Second Pregnancy Different From The First?
Being pregnant is one of the most important periods of a woman's life. After all, it is in this period that she is blessed with the most precious gift of humanity; the ability to give birth. Not everyone is as fortunate ...
How Is A Second Pregnancy Different From The First
How To Relieve Gas In Babies
When babies suffer gas problems, they tend to become sleepless and cranky. When a baby doesn't sleep, even a parent will lose sleep. Do you know when the gas problems become worse? During the night! That is why you and your ...
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