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Why Ketchup Is Bad For Your Kid!

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Is ketchup healthy or unhealthy? Toasts, bread, salads, fries or even burgers are tasteless without tomato ketchup! Dip those foods in a cup of ketchup and you will feel like thanking your taste buds.

Most of us think that ketchup is harmless. On the top of it, as it contains tomatoes, we think that all the nutrients of tomatoes do a lot of good. But wait! Let not your kids eat too much of ketchup.

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Yes, it could cause several health issues over long term use or consumption. Here are some quick facts to help you out.


Sugar Content

Is ketchup healthy or unhealthy? Your ketchup bottle is nothing but 25% of sugar. Yes, it is tasty but it is too much of sugar and your kid doesn't need that much. Your kid already gets sugar from other sources. Commercial ketchups are too much of sugar!


Your Kid May Fall In Love With It

Due to its taste, your kid may get addicted to ketchup. That would further increase the health risks.

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It Contains Sodium

Too much of sodium in today's ketchup is another bad thing. Your kid gets daily dose of sodium from other foods. Cut the ketchup intake.


High Fructose Corn Syrup

This is one of the ketchup health risks. Most of the ketchup contains high fructose corn syrup which is responsible for high risk of diabetes and obesity.

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Your kid may develop the risk of several other diseases if he loads the morning toast with ketchup.


Bottom Line: Is Ketchup Healthy?

No, it is unhealthy. Let your kid grow up to enjoy the taste of ketchups and sauces that are a celebration for the taste buds. As an adult, he or she may realise that moderation is better as far as ketchup consumption is concerned.

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