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Can An Unborn Baby Hear Your Voice?


Expecting parents would love to talk to their baby much before the delivery. The baby in the womb can actually identify certain sounds during the 9th month of pregnancy, says a new study.

Research claims that a foetus can hear sounds and also be able to distinguish the difference between random sounds and human speech.

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The heart rate of the foetus shows slight variation when certain types of sounds are heard. And the heart rate remains same when other types of sounds are heard.


Hearing Ability Of Babies

This revelation made researchers believe that language and hearing ability start much before birth though it takes many years after birth to fully develop the skill.


Pre-natal Sensitivity

The ears of a foetus tune themselves when certain sounds are audible says this study. This is known as pre-natal sensitivity to sound. In fact, that acts as a foundation to hearing abilities and language learning.

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As a part of a study, researchers studied more than 20 women who are almost in their 8th month of pregnancy. When certain sounds are played, they noticed that a foetus can listen to certain sounds.


Are Sounds Sudible To A Foetus?

The main sounds that are first audible to a foetus are sounds in the internal environment. The sounds that occur inside the mother's body are the sounds that are audible. Along with those sounds, certain external sounds also reach the ears of the baby.

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Auditory Cortex

Actually, due to those very sounds, the foetus slowly starts developing auditory cortex and later on learns language after birth, say researchers.

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