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    Pampering Yourself After Childbirth

    By Subodini Menon

    After the nine months of pregnancy, you might think that the life after child birth will bring you some respite. Unless you have a help of some kind, the respite that you are waiting for never comes. The sleepless nights, constant feeding and the exhaustion from the labour can led to what is called mommy burn out or even postpartum depression.

    The days that come soon after the child birth can be very crucial to both the mother and the new born. It is these days that determine their physical and mental well-being. A little pampering after child birth will truly help the new mother to enjoy her newly found motherhood.

    Pampering yourself after childbirth

    As a preparation of the postpartum days, the mother to be can prepare a list of things that she would love to do after child birth. After the birth of the child, she can look forward to completing the list. This will take her mind off of the troubles and drudgery of the first few months of the baby's life.

    There are a lot of things that you can do after your child's birth that can help you pamper yourself postpartum. These things can be as simple as taking a simple well deserved nap or as extravagant as going on a vacation. We have put together a list of things that can help you pamper yourself once you are done with having a baby. Read on put some of the tips to use.


    Get yourself a postpartum nurse

    If you can afford it, hiring a licensed postpartum nurse will be a godsend. These nurses are trained to stay with you all day and help you with your baby. This can be especially helpful if it was your first baby or if you do not have a support system to help you. They will also help you with the chores around the house. With their help, you can take a good rest to recover from your pregnancy.


    Hire a nurse for the night

    Nights can be pretty daunting after childbirth. The bouts of colic, the baby crying all night and the nighty feeding can take a toll on you and your spouse. In such cases, you can get a nurse for the night. They are trained to help you take care of your baby in the night. They will also help with the feeding as you might need help especially if you had a c-section birth. They might be there only at the night but it can be very helpful to hire them.


    Catch up on your sleep

    It can be difficult to find time to sleep after child birth. Especially so if you do not have a round the clock help. Call up your friends or family. Ask them to help with your baby for a bit. Use the free time that to catch up on the sleep that you have been deprived of.


    Catch up with your friends

    You may have fallen out of your social circle especially if you had to go through a complicated pregnancy. You might have missed going out or hanging out with your friends. Arrange for a quick trip outside with your friends, even if it is just for a cup of coffee. Leave your baby with family or hired help in the meanwhile. Alternatively, you can invite them home for a little while. All the while making sure that you do not disturb the baby or the time set aside for your rest.


    Get a massage

    Child birth is a difficult thing to undergo- both mentally and physically. What can be better than a relaxing massage to ease the pain in your muscles and bones? It will also help you calm your exhausted mind. Some spa provide special rated for a new mom. Call the spa you intend to go and enquire about it before hand.


    Have your hair cut

    There is nothing like a haircut to make you feel like a new person. It has been a proven technique by many to take some weight off of your head (literally). Just get a new haircut or get your hair styled to feel ready to face motherhood.


    Get a manicure and a pedicure

    Getting a manicure and pedicure is relaxing. It is second only to getting a good massage. Pamper yourself after child birth by taking some time off for yourself. ask your best friend, mother or sister to tag along with you. The good company will help you relax. Or you can just go alone and use the time to read or relax.


    Get your food delivered once in a while

    Food is something that cannot be avoided. But cooking can also be a chore on its own. If you do not have some one to cook for you and you have to do it on your own, getting food delivered once in a while can feel pampering.


    Early morning pampering

    Wake up at least an hour earlier than your baby. It might sound counter-productive but believe it or not, it helps. That one hour will give you time for yourself. Use that time to have your cup of coffee or tea. Watch some tv, do some exercise, yoga or do something that charges you for the day ahead. Once the routine has been established, you will come to cherish this early morning pampering.


    Go shopping

    Go out alone or with your gal pals to shop. Shopping is thought to be therapeutic to many men and women. Buy something that you have long wanted. Buy cute things for your baby. Just make sure that you don't over spend.


    Take a long hot bath

    A warm bath can ease your body and refresh your mind. It will also provide you with some much craved alone time. Light some candles if you please, draw a bath with your favorite essential oils and get something interesting to read. Now, you are ready to immerse yourself in a lovely, relaxing experience without leaving the comfort of your home.

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    Story first published: Saturday, November 25, 2017, 12:00 [IST]
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