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Are Impotence & ED Same?

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Most of us are confused about the meanings of the words impotence and erectile dysfunction. Do they mean the same or are they different problems?

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Well, erectile dysfunction is about the failure to achieve erections as its name suggests. When it comes to impotence, it could be any male reproductive issue. Some even use this word for low sperm count and infertility.

At the end of the day, words are just labels to refer to certain things or phenomena. Problems are problems irrespective of the name we give them.

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Putting aside the confusion about words, let us discuss about male reproductive issues first as both the words are about problems men face in the area of reproduction.


Fact #1

Ageing could take away a man's power to reproduce. Current estimates suggest that nearly 41% of men tend to suffer erectile dysfunction once they reach the age of 40. By the time men reach 70, nearly 70% of them experience erection issues.


Fact #2

Can it be cured? Well, treatment could work for some depending upon how severe the problem is. Exercises, lifestyle changes and medication could work.


Fact #3

Also, ageing cannot be blamed alone as there are exceptions; some men who are old tend to successfully enjoy good bed life though they may require more stimulation to perform well.


Fact #4

What causes erectile dysfunction? Well, it is all about restricted blood circulation to the manhood. Stress, health issues, certain drugs, depression, anxiety and even bad habits like smoking and drinking could cause it.


Fact #5

Some exercises like pelvic thrusts help a lot in strengthening the area below the belt. Also, the blood flow gets enhanced.

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