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Why Men Should Eat Berries?

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Food plays an important role in your reproductive phase. You are what you eat and the quality of your reproductive life is partly governed by the food you eat.

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When it comes to men, there are certain foods which can help in maintaining libido levels, erections and even sperm quality.

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In this post, let us take a look at berries and some citrus fruits as they are said to enhance stamina between the sheets.


Fact #1

Both citrus fruits and berries contain certain compounds that enhance firmness and duration of erections.


Fact #2

Flavonoids help the body maintain proper blood circulation. They also maintain the blood vessels in healthy shape. Berries also control blood pressure.


Fact #3

Health experts claim that including berries and certain other citrus fruits in diet could significantly lower the risk of heart issues in men.


Fact #4

In men, a majority of infertility cases start with erectile dysfunction. Berries contain flavonoids and certain other biochemicals that reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction by 9%.


Fact #5

Some studies claim that citrus fruits can decrease the desire to get addicted to smoking and drinking which are bad habits that may raise the risk of infertility.


Fact #6

A study claims that regular exercises and berries can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction in men by 20%.

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