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Mum Fed Her Newborn Child Calcium Supplements And This Happened!

Parents who have premature kids have many challenges and tasks that they need to be prepared to face. Patience is something that the parents need to develop.

One such case is that of a woman who has apparently fed her child excess calcium supplements and as a result her child suffered kidney failure!

WTF! Baby Suffers From Kidney Failure!

Check out the details of this bizarre incident...


The Child Was Rushed To The Hospital

It is reported that the child was rushed to a hospital after her mother noticed that the child's urine contained traces of blood. After an ultrasound examination was done, the doctor found that the child had nine kidney stones in both of her kidneys!


The Medics Revealed

According to the medics, the child's reports revealed that the child had 9 stones in both her kidneys and the most massive stone had a volume of 2 cm. The report showed that some of the kidney stones had even blocked the upper and lower part of the ureter of the child. As a result, the little girl suffered from hydronephrosis, which is a condition that defines the swelling of the kidneys.

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The Doctors Could Not Understand The Condition

The doctors were confused about the child's condition as it was highly impossible for a 22-month-old child to suffer from so many kidney stones.


The Mother Confessed To Overfeeding The Child With…

The mother confessed that she had been feeding her child with excess calcium by mixing them with her milk and feeding the child. Since the child had not developed teeth, the mother had apparently included fish oil in the little girl's diet! Luckily the girl has been treated and is off medicine now.

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