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Shocking! Lady’s Head Expands After Using Hair Dye

There are several products that we all use to enhance our beauty. Though we know that most of the beauty products that we use can prove to be harmful in the long run, it does not stop us from using them!

Here is a case of a woman who had an allergic chemical reaction to a hair dye and we are sure after seeing her pictures you will not ignore the instructions and warnings behind the products and follow the instructions.

Check out the details of this bizarre reaction to a dye.


She Had Earlier Reacted To A Dye

Apparently, Estelle had suffered from a chemical reaction the last time she had coloured her hair. Hence, she decided to take a patch test before she could use it on herself.

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She Made A Mistake

She made a grave mistake when she did the patch test, as she apparently waited for just 30 minutes against the 48 hours wait that was recommended by the instructions on the pack.


The Instant Reaction

Estelle instantly noticed that there was irritation that she felt on her scalp and in no time her head quickly began to swell. Her body had reacted to a chemical PPD - Paraphenylenediamine. This is a chemical that is generally used in most of the beauty products. She used antihistamines under medical advice. But unfortunately, her horror experience did not end there as it got worse the next day as she found out that her condition had worsened.

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Her Head Had Swollen Up

Estelle's head had swollen up the next day, and it measured 63 cm, which is much more than the size of an average head which is 56 cm. She was rushed to the hospital and was given a dose of adrenaline injection and kept in overnight. She made a full recovery but took on to social media to warn other people about the harmful side effects of using these beauty products.

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