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Bizarre Things That People Have Done For The Sake Of Love

Love can make one go to any extremes. And as a true lover, you would go to any extent to prove your love to your partner, ain't it? There are bizarre things that people have done for love.

There are certain couples who make us realise that there is nothing that can beat their crazy side when it comes to proving their love for their partners.

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These are the guys who have done some of the most bizarre things to just prove their love for their partners.

Check out on some of the most weirdest things that people around have been doing.


The Boyfriend Who Attended His Girlfriend's Exam!

This guy was caught for disguising himself as his girlfriend and appearing for an exam! He was caught and when questioned, he revealed that he did so to fetch her good marks! Sounds crazy, right?


The Boy Who Staged An Accident To Propose His Girl…

This guy wanted to propose his girlfriend in the most unique style. He apparently staged an accident scene with the help of scriptwriters, cameramen, directors, even a make-up man and a stunt man to get the real shot! When his girl arrived at the spot, she saw the 'lifeless' body of her boyfriend lying on the ground and screamed to only realise that he was alive and wanted to prove her that he was nothing without her.


The Boy Who Got Plastic Surgery Done To Look Like His Girlfriend

This guy loved his girlfriend to such an extent that he willingly got surgeries done to look just like his girlfriend. From a nose job to other surgeries, he got it all done and even though his partner died, he continued getting surgeries done to look like her!

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The Man Who Hand-carved 6000 Stairs For His Girlfriend!

The man was 10 years younger than his lady love, yet he loved her like crazy and the couple eloped to live in the mountain caves for 50 long years, in which the man had hand-carved 6000 stairs for his lady love to travel on the mountain! Now, this is what we call true love!

Heard of any such stories? Do share them with us in the comment section below.

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