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Doctors Found A Dead Turtle In A Woman’s Vagina

When people get drunk there are so many things that they end up doing that they do not even have an idea of what they did the previous night and this case is just a perfect example of it.

An unnamed woman went to the hospital in severe pain and only discovered that a dead turtle was residing in her vagina.

Doctors Found A Dead Turtle In A Woman’s Vagina

Check out the bizarre case where the woman was clueless of a dead turtle found in her vagina.


The Incident Happened In Spain

The bizarre incident is believed to have happened in Spain with a British woman who was on a holiday and ended up at the hospital with severe pain in her lower abdomen.

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The Doctors Discovered The Most Unexpected Thing!

When the doctors examined, they got a shock of their life when they discovered a dead turtle inside the woman's vagina. According to medics, the turtle had started rotting, and, as a result, it caused infection inside her vagina.


Was It A Turtle Or A Tortoise?

While many media sources reveal the animal found inside the woman to be a tortoise, few claim it to be a turtle as both the species are called ‘Tortuga' in Spain.

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Question Of It Being Alive

Since the woman claims that she has no clue about how the turtle ended up being in there, the question arises whether the poor animal was alive or if it was dead at the time of insertion.


The Cops Filed A Case

Since the woman was drunk when the tortoise landed in her privates, police started their investigation to find out if the woman was assaulted, but the woman did not wish to take it further and claimed that she wanted to close the matter at that.

Whatever the reason may be, it just makes us wonder on how could the poor animal end up getting stuck in such a wrong place and losing its life.

What is your take on this? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Monday, September 24, 2018, 16:47 [IST]
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