WTF! A Cow's Tongue Was Found In A Woman's Vagina!!

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Using cucumbers, bananas or any slender thing as a tool during lovemaking is a common thing. But experimenting with a cow's tongue!! Well that is just totally unimaginable, unless you hear this true story!

A young woman who was intoxicated during the lovemaking seemed to be unaware of a cow's tongue in her vagina, unless she realised she started smelling bad.

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Check out this disturbing story of how a cow's tongue got stuck in the vagina of this young woman...



She Approached A Gynaecologist

She went to a gynaecologist with a weird complaint. She said that she was smelling real bad down there and wanted to check if it was some kind of a fungal infection.


The Doctor Examined…

The doctor checked and examined and he felt something was stuck inside her vagina. He tried to pull it out, but he failed, hence decided to do an immediate surgery to remove the foreign object from her.


He Got A Shock Of His Life!

In his 30 years of experience, the doctor had not seen anything as disgusting as this, as it was a rotten Cow's Tongue that was stuck there!! When he questioned her as to how it landed there, she was clueless and disgusted with the sight of the tongue.

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Her Friend Revealed The True Story!

Her friend cleared the picture as she knew how it had happened. She mentioned about a party they had 2 weeks back when the girl was highly intoxicated and her male friend decided to try some new kinky stuff and used a frozen cow's tongue as a prop for their steamy night!


She Wishes To Remain Anonymous…

She does not wish to reveal her name, while revealing what happened to her when she was over-drunk and wished to warn people on not to try something as bizarre as this. The girl was so drunk that she could barely even remember what had happened and had not realised that there was a Cow's Tongue in her vagina!!

We bet this case would have seriously disgusted you! Do share your thoughts on this in the comment section below!

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