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Are Pets At The Risk Of Coronavirus?
Soon after the outbreak of coronavirus or COVID-19, the World Health Organization released information about the myths and facts about coronavirus. It says there's no evidence yet that proves animals such as dogs and cats can get infected with the coronavirus. ...
Simple Acts Of Kindness That Can Have A Big Impact In Your Life
People often get confused between being kind and being foolish. Being foolish means lacking good sense or judgement, but kindness is different but to be kind means, one is generous, considerate and friendly. No matter what people say, but kindness is ...
Small Acts Of Kindness You Can Do Every Day
Most Dangerous Animals In The World
Have you ever wondered what are the most dangerous animals in the world? This is something that most of us overlook unless and until there is some news about an animal attack or so. So, we are here to share the ...
Animal Rituals That Will Make You Emotional
There have been numerous studies and observations that suggest that an animal grieving on the death of their family or pack member is genuine. The initial research had claimed that monkeys and elephants are the only animals that are sad and ...
Animal Death Rituals That Will Make You Feel Emotional
Animals That Might Show Up In Your Toilet
If you have been thinking that snakes in toilets are the only scary things in your bathroom, then you are wrong my friend. Studies have found out that there could be many more animals that could be hiding in your toilet ...
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