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Horrifying Things Found In Humans

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When there is an itch in your ear, you tend to just shrug yourself and continue doing stuff that you have been doing.

However, what if the itch was not a regular itch, but a worm crawling in your ear, which was making you feel uncomfortable? Sounds creepy, doesn't it??

In this article, we've shared some of the most horrifying things that have been found in a human body.

These are the things that have accidentally gone inside the human body and have caused an immense trouble to the person suffering from it.

We're sure after reading this article, you might want to puke or just forget about what you just read, yet out of curiosity you might wanna take a look at it. Come on, have a look, it's not going to hurt you!

Find out about the most horrifying and disgusting insects and other things that have been found in a person's body.


57 Maggots!!

A 92-year-old woman was said to have been found with 57 maggots inside her ear! Doctors believed that a fly crawled into her ear and had laid eggs there!! The worse thing is that the maggots had apparently been inside her ear for two to three days, before they were found!


Cricket In Ear

A man in India complained of a severe earache. When the doctors examined him, they were dumbstruck, as they found a cricket in his ear. They had to remove it using a pair of tiny tweezers.


Cockroach In Ear

If cricket was not scary enough, then a man in Australia had started feeling severe pain in his ear. He thought it to be a spider and tried to remove it. After failed attempts, he went to the doctor and the doctor removed a 2.5 cm-long cockroach from his ear. Eww!!


Spider In Ear

Okay, now this is really creepy!! A Georgian-British singer named Katie Melua started hearing weird noises and could feel something crawling in her ear. She ignored it for a week and when she met the doctor who examined her, he found a little jumping spider dwelling in the singer´s ear canal.


Fish In The Lungs

A boy from India complained about breathing problem after having played with his friends in a river. The doctors were surprised when they found a 3.5 cm-long fish that was stuck in one of the boys lung. The mystery was solved when the boy revealed that he was playing "swallow the fish" game.


Botfly Larvae In Eye

A 5-year-old boy shocked the medical fraternity when they found a botfly, which is a parasitic insect that was found in his eye. The worst thing was that it had even laid eggs. The larvae had to be removed surgically.


Squid Spermatophores In Mouth

A 63-year-old South Korean woman felt like something was spreading in her mouth after she ate a partially cooked squid! When the doctors examined her, they found a small, white spindle-shaped bug-like thing, called spermatophore, in her mouth.


Fly Maggots In Ear

A man complained of severe pain in his ear. The doctors found hundreds of larvae feeding on the man´s flesh. However, thank god, the larva had been removed before it burrowed into the man's brain, otherwise it could have possibly killed him.

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