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    Video Of Girl’s Reaction When She Sees Her Dad Without Dreadlocks Is Adorable

    Being daddy's girl is the best feeling for every girl! The dads are often seen protecting their baby girls, and they leave no tables unturned to make them feel special.This video is a perfect example where the father and daughter's close bond is seen as the little girl genuinely reacts to her dad's new look where he does not have dreadlocks anymore!

    Here are some of the details about 'Dreadlocks'. They have generally been associated with the old Greek, Aztec, Senegalese, Buddhist, and Rastafari societies.

    Girl’s Reaction On Her Dad’s New Look

    Though the dreadlocks principally connect to African culture and character, individuals from all races around the world are seen wearing their hair in dreadlocks, and this surely does look cool!

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    Here as seen in the video above, we reveal how this dad who had been wearing dreads for quite a while finally decided to cut them off and surprise his little daughter. He was apparently wearing these rope-like bunches of hair integrated making a weave to hold them.

    He wanted to capture his little girl's reaction after he decided to get rid of it.

    He had everything planned - at first he had the dreadlocks on his head. The little girl started to notice that something was different when her dad arrived and suddenly he just dropped the dreadlocks on the floor which left his daughter in shock.

    Check the video

    Just before the deadlocks fell straight into her hands, in the video it was seen how warmly he addresses her: "Your hair is finally longer than mine." This only explains to us that the father and daughter seem to have a little competition about who has the longest hair and it finally looks like the little daughter finally won.

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    The result was terrific as the little girl stood frozen on the spot shocked as she could not stop staring at his new look.

    She was so surprised throughout the video that she could not stop giggling during the whole footage pointing with her finger at him. Isn't it cute?

    What do you think about this video? Tell us more in the comments down below. In the meantime, if you wish to watch more interesting video-related content, then check our section Pulse for more exciting stuff!

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