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Weird! Bride And Groom Are Not Allowed To Use Washroom For 3 Days After Wedding!

There are many bizarre wedding rituals across the world. From serving milk to the bride to even singing songs to see the new bride's wedding, the list is never-ending.

So, we are here to enlighten you on one such ritual from Indonesia that can leave you confused, if it is considered to be even a ritual, rather a torture!

This is a tradition where the couple is not allowed to use the washroom for three long days, and the most bizarre thing about this ritual is that the couple is strictly kept under strict vigilance, so that they do not break the routine.

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Read on to find out more details about this bizarre tradition of not visiting the washroom for three days for the newlyweds!

It Is A Strict Ritual

This unique ritual has been followed for centuries in the Tidong community of Indonesia. People of this community seem to take this custom very seriously. Though the tradition seems to be very healthy and natural for the people of the Tidong tribe, it is followed by proper rules.

Looks Like The Couple Is Punished!

This bizarre ritual looks like the newlywed couple is being punished for an unknown reason. Imagine how can a person hold on to an urgency and that too for 3 days? The elders in the family keep a close watch to avoid breaking of the ritual.

The Belief Of The Ritual!

It is believed that practising this bizarre tradition of not allowing the couple to use the toilet for three days and three night is said to bring in terrible good luck to the couple. They believe that the couple would easily survive from a broken marriage, infidelity, or even the death of their children from a young age!

Once The Ritual Is Complete!

The couple is fed very little food during this ritual. Once the ritual of not using the toilet for three days and nights is over, the couple is allowed to bathe and use the washroom. After this, they are allowed to lead a regular life.

The Other Rituals That They Follow

One of the most adorable customs of this tribe is that the groom isn't allowed to see the bride's face until he sings her several love songs. The curtain that separates the couple is raised only when the bride is pleased with his singing. Then, they can see each other on the dais.

Another Ritual!

If the groom arrives late for the wedding, then he needs to pay a fine, and this is generally in the form of jewellery! So, this is something the grooms cross their fingers for!

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Story first published: Friday, June 29, 2018, 18:19 [IST]