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Reason Why Haldi Is Used In Indian Weddings
Have you ever wondered what is the logic or the belief of Haldi ceremony at an Indian wedding? Find out as we reveal the significance of the Haldi ceremony at the weddings. Haldi is believed to signify protection; hence, using it ...
Ever Wondered Why Haldi Is Used In Weddings

Things You Should Not Do On A Thursday
A Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Brihaspati Dev, the Guru of gods is also worshipped on this day. Brihaspati Dev is said to be just another form of Lord Vishnu. We should worship Goddess Lakshmi as well on a Thursday ...
Sharadiya Navratri: Date, Muhurta And Significance
Navratri is going to be observed from October 10 and will continue till October 18, 2018. The nine forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped during this period of nine days. The Navratri falling during the Ashvin month is known as Maha ...
Sharadiya Navratri Date Muhurta And Significance
A Ritual Where Married Women Stay Naked For 5 Days
There are many unusual practices that people tend to follow during weddings. Some of the rituals are blindly followed while there are those which have a religious meaning behind them. Here, in this article, we reveal to you a bizarre ritual ...
Habits That Will Bring You Closer To God
Who doesn't want to be blessed by the almighty! The daily prayers we offer to him, the evening lamp we light to invoke him, the beautiful mantras that we chant during the sacred rituals, and the various remedies we adopt to ...
What Is The Importance Of Bells In Temples?
In Hinduism, there are a number of gods, a number of beliefs and a number of rituals, all different, with their own different meanings, but a common purpose, the attainment of the Supreme God. Such is the beauty of this religion, ...
What Is The Importance Of Bells In Temples
Tulsi Mala – Rules To Follow & Benefits Of Wearing It
Tulsi is one of the most sacred plants in Hinduism. Personified as Goddess Tulsi, she is worshiped as a deity. People grow Tulsi plants in their homes and women offer prayers to her early morning. Planting a basil tree in the ...
Rohini Vrat Dates, Puja Vidhi, Vrat Vidhi And Benefits
Jainism is known for strict rules kept by the Tirthankaras for the followers of the religion. However, among the rules there are some easy fasting days as well that can be observed by the householders. Rohini Vrat falls on the day ...
Rohini Vrat Dates Puja Vidhi Vrat Vidhi Benefits
The History Behind Pitru Paksha
Pitru Paksha, which is also known as the 'Shradh' period, goes on for 16 days and Hindus pay reverence to their ancestors during this period. Rituals are performed as it is the duty of the children towards their ancestors. The History ...
Rituals Performed During Pitru Paksha
Pitru Paksha is also known as the "Shradh" period, which goes on for 16 days when Hindus pay reverence to their ancestors. By paying homage to the forefathers, their souls are made content. The History Behind Pitru Paksha According to a ...
Rituals Performed During Pitru Paksha
Things You Should Know About The Varamahalakshmi Festival
The month of Shravana is an auspicious time for the whole of the Hindu community, irrespective of which region of India they belong to. Every year it is celebrated with zeal and fervour and this year, in 2019, the Varalakshmi festival ...
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