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This Island Has Been Abandoned For 75 Years

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There are so many places on earth where people are scared to step in or even visit! There are several uncounted buildings, several uninhabited islands whose stories can simply scare a person and stepping into these places is the worst nightmare that can almost kill you!

Here, we are about to share the history of an island that has been abandoned for 75 long years! Once a lovely island, things back then changed the entire history of this island which made the condition worse for humans to step on it.

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Check out the scary history that has gone in making this island the worst place where one could survive and what made this island land a place in the list of abandoned islands.

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The Place Is Called Gruinard Island

The place is Gruinard Island. This island is located approximately 0.6 kilometres away from northwest Scotland. It is a small, oval-shaped Scottish island located in Gruinard Bay, about halfway between Gairloch and Ullapool.


It All Started During World War II

During World War II, this island was the site of a biological warfare. It was used by British military scientists for testing. They tried using ‘Anthrax' as a weapon to attack the enemies. This island became the site of a biological warfare test by British forces.


Deadly Bacteria Was Tested!

In 1942, the scientists used a highly virulent strain of Anthrax which is also known as "Vollum 14578". This was tested by filling "bombs" with the deadly bacteria.


It Was Tested On Sheep!

To find the accurate results they arranged for 80 sheep for the purpose of research on the Island. Bombs that were filled with Anthrax strain named ‘Vollum 14578' were dropped on the flock. The result was devastating as the sheep started dying in just a few days! Most of these experiments were recorded on 16 mm colour movie film to study the effect on the animals.


Studies Reveal A Darker Secret

The researchers found out that the anthrax virus that was released during these experiments did not kill the people around, but instead made the place unsuitable for living!


After The War The Original Owner Wanted To Buy The Island Back

Once the war ended the original owner wanted to buy the island back. But the government denied it and told the owner that the place cannot be used further as it was too contaminated and it had to be cleaned and declared safe for possession.

Since then the island has been abandoned and it is over 75 years now.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 31, 2017, 17:19 [IST]
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