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She Died During Labour, But Rapists Got Her Out Of Her Grave & Raped Her!

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There are so many cases of rape that we hear about every day. There is not a single case which can be considered to be non-brutal as each case will break your heart and make you realise that the world is not a good place to live in anymore.

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Raping dead people is considered to be a kind of disease and this case simply defines it, as a few men raped the dead body of a woman who was buried a day back.

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This story would break your heart into pieces, as you realise what actually happened to the woman who had died just a day back.

Read on to know more about it.


She Was Just 21 Years Old…

She was just 21 years old and was happily married to the man she loved the most. Her life was perfect as she had a perfect husband, good in-laws and to add joy to her sweet little family, she was also pregnant.


Until, One Fine Day…

She was rushed to the hospital due to severe pain in her abdomen. Her due date was not near, yet doctors decided to operate her to save the woman and baby, but they did not succeed.


She Passed Away…

After hours of struggle in the labour room, she passed away and so did her unborn child. All of this happened in a very short span of time and everything was gone in no time.


She Was Buried…

She was buried and her family was still struggling with her loss, until one fine day when people arrived at their doorstep to inform to them about their dead daughter's body lying in the field, despite being buried a day back.


The Men Suffered From Necrophilia!

The men who dug out the grave of the dead woman are said to be suffering from necrophilia, which means getting sexually involved with the dead bodies.


They Raped Her Body The Entire Night…

The reports claimed that the woman's body was raped by the sick-minded people the entire night until, they were satisfied and they left her nude body in the fields that they had dragged it into.


Even When Dead, Women Are Unsafe!

This case reveals that even though the woman was dead, it did not bother the men, as they were suffering from necrophilia, where they get obsessed with dead bodies. Whatever the case be, it is not justified to what happened to the poor woman and her family.

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Story first published: Friday, April 14, 2017, 18:35 [IST]
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