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My Story: A Father Raped His Kid For Being Lesbian!

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When the world is fighting for human rights and sexual preferences, there are those people who try to cover up their sexuality, as it is still illegal in many parts of the world.

This is a true incident that happened, where an enraged father raped his own daughter for being a lesbian!

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The crime of the girl was that she confessed about her sexuality to a beast who went berserk and concluded that rape would make her realise that sex with men is better than with women!

Find out more about this disgusting dad's act!

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She Was Just 16!

She was just 16! And her only crime was that she confided in him about "struggling with her identity". Apparently, he had also raped his other daughter during two decades of sexual abuse.


The Victim's Elder Sister Had Run Away

The victim's sister was the first victim of the physical abuse by the brutal dad. She ran away from the house, as she thought her father would not do the same thing to her younger sister since he loved her a lot. But that was not the case.


She Was Confused About Her Identity...

She had lost her mother when she was little and when her sister ran away, she was left with just her dad. They shared a jovial father-daughter relationship, as the victim was unaware of what he had done with her sister.


When She Told Him

He reacted with "uncontrolled anger" and decided to teach her that sex with men is more pleasurable than having lesbian sessions!


It Affected Her Greatly

The unexpected reaction from her dad scarred the girl and it affected her greatly. She did not wish to meet anybody, until her friend confronted her for the strange behaviour.


The Father Is Arrested

Once the victim confronted about what exactly the father did to her to groom her, it was enough to lead to the man's arrest. He is currently under trial and justice is awaited for the poor girls!

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