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Model Who Is 50 Year Old With A Body Of A 20 Year Old!

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When men are really hot, women cannot just stop admiring them. Ain't it right, ladies? They become an eye candy for sure, as they can simply sweep the women off their feet with their mantastic looks.

The case of a 50-year-old model, who looks nothing like his age and more like in his 20's, will simply shock you. And if you are a woman, we bet, you'd surely drool over this photographer of his, who is turning out to be the latest sensation on the internet!

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Check out his amazing pictures and we bet, you would try to find which angle reveals his actual age, as he looks so perfect and young!

Woah! Can You Guess This Man's Age?

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Meet the Asian model-turned-photographer who just seems to have found a way to halt the clock.


He Is…

He is 'Chuando Tan', a Singaporean photographer and model. This half centenarian has over 160k followers on his Instagram account and he co-owns a photography firm named ChuanDo & Frey.


The Secret To His Good Looks…

He avoids bathing late at night and even early in the morning. Apart from this, he also claims to eat Hainan chicken on a regular basis! And this macho man, in a true sense, seems to workout a lot!


His History

It is said that this one-time pop star's social media is filled with images that laugh in the face of his ageing process. The look of his chiseled abs and fresh face take a centre stage that can make anybody forget their worries.


He Is A True “Hot” Star…

Tan's Instagram account has some 160,000 followers, many who were staggered to find out his real age. He also dresses like a man who doesn't look anywhere near the half-century mark.


He Occasionally Models Too

He occasionally models and was recently propelled back into the public eye after he appeared in an advert for Chinese news website - Yidian Zixun. Since then, his phone has not stopped ringing, as people are stunned with his intense look!

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 25, 2017, 18:31 [IST]
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