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What's The Identity Of This Model? Male Or Female?

When a person is born, there are certain genes and x-y chromosomes that play a major role in defining a person. Even a single extra chromosome can make a person change completely.

Meet Rain Dove who is a well-known Androgynous Model who is ruling the current modelling world in her own unique way.

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The word "Androgynous" means a person having the physical characteristics of both the sexes.

Rain Dove who is a model by profession is making the best use of her special characteristic, as she is rocking the world with her attitude in the world of modelling.

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Find out more about Rain Dove and also about her modelling career, where she walks in style in both menswear and women's wear.

She Assumed She Was An Ugly Woman!

She assumed that she was an ugly woman and she never had bad feelings about it. She just felt that may be she was that one girl!"

She Said, It Wasn't Until...

"It wasn't until I was wilderness firefighter for a while and that's when I felt more empowered in my ambiguity and sexuality as far as gender presentation goes."

What She Feels About Breaking The Gender Stereotypes!

She said, "When I was a firefighter they thought I was a male and I went with it because I really needed a job and I was out in the middle of nowhere in Colorado," She also added, "So I utilized my gender bending profile as something that had gotten me a bunch of odd jobs from nannying to landscape."

Her Struggle…

When she was asked about her life struggles, she said, "I had no job; I had no place to stay. I didn't have a lot of resources and it was wintertime - it was definitely a pretty brutal winter last season. I ended up staying in a shower stall until I striked a deal at the New York Fashion Week."

She Is An Activist Currently!

She is an activist, who is pursuing her acting career and she is also a model who turns heads while she walks confidently in both menswear and women's wear.

She Is More Than A Pretty Face…

She has pursued a degree in Genetic Engineering and civil law at the University of California, Berkeley. She said initially it was tough to get the scholarship, but she managed to get it!

Her Thought About The Society…

She says, "I think all people are androgynous; it's just that we've created these genders. I think that 'androgynous' applies to someone who doesn't appear physically to be gender specific - you won't be able to figure out what's in their pants."

Her Advice To The People Struggling With Their Bodies…

"We're all struggling to be unique and the most unique thing you can be is yourself. The gender thing doesn't exist; it's a social construct you don't have to fit into. There are people who love you; there are people who will love you. There are people who accept you and I'm one of them."

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