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WHAT?? Models Eat Cotton Balls To Stay Thin!

When we see a model, we feel they look so perfect and beautiful; however, little do we know about the darker side of the coin, where they undergo rigorous diet plans and weird practices just to stay in shape.

There have been reports that models these days are consuming cotton balls dipped in orange juice! All this is done to keep themselves full and stay fit for their assignments!

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Check out more facts on this bizarre diet and lifestyle practice that is followed by some of the models.


Size Zero Is 'Too Fat'

"Hips are too broad" or the "buttocks are too big," these are the common phrases that models hear every now and then when they start modeling. They go through a strict diet regimen and lose several pounds, as even size zero is considered to be too fat!


Modeling Agencies Ask The Models To Go Nude!

Young models are asked to go topless for a nude photoshoot. It is initially told that it is not compulsory, but over the time and to reach success, they do need to compromise with this and pose nude!


Sexual Abuse Is Common!

Casting couch and going through sexual abuse is a common thing that most of the models face. There are a very few models out there who have not gone through such things!

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Finally, The Cotton Balls Diet!

This is the latest trend that most of the models follow. It is noted that they dip cotton balls in orange juice and consume it as a meal! This apparently helps them to stay full and eat less.

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Puke It Out!

This is an age-old trick that most of the models follow. They binge diet and when they overeat, they tend to forcefully puke it out, so that the body does not accept the extra food!


Drugs And Alcohol

Most of the models get into drugs to survive the pressure of remaining thin. The end result are drug addicts and alcoholic models.

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