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10 Signs That You Will Take Up Modelling As A Career

By Anirudh Narayanan

Remember the movie 'Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon'? It featured a lady, a nobody, aspiring to be an actress. Not just any actress but Madhuri Dixit. She dreams about it living in a village and mimicking her favourite actress and cultivating her mannerisms in every aspect.

The basis of telling you about that movie is that we all have dreams. Something which we dream about day in and day out. It never mattered if they were practical or not, after all dreams are dreams for a reason.

9 Signs You Are A Fashion Victim

Some of us dream about modelling. We just can't stay away from the ramp, the ramp being the school corridors or the bed at home. It's a good thing to dream, let nobody tell you otherwise. There are some surefire ways to know that you will take up modelling as a career. To find out, read on.


You daydream:

You, much like other people who have dreams, daydream a lot. It can be about walking down the ramp at the international circuit, the continuous photo clicks or a press conference when you are living amongst the stars. It goes on to show how serious you are about taking up modelling as a career.


The bright lights attract you:

They always have, haven't they? When the lights of various shades fall on you, you just cant help but strut that perfect walk, where at every step the audience just drools on you. The spotlight is just too alluring to be refused. If this is you, then you are made for a career in modelling.


“Camera shy? Not me!!”:

You are always the first one to pose for a picture. Looking your best comes naturally to you. Not for a moment do you shy away from the camera. It's like your best buddy for chrissake! If this is you, then you are born to be a model.


You just have too many Marie Claire or Vogue magazines:

Practically speaking, every other book you pick would be a fashion magazine. It helps you stay up to date with the latest fashion and the who's who in the fashion world. You have various editions of Marie Claire, Vogue and the likes. After all, preparing yourself for a modelling career is one step closer to your dream.


Long live FTV:

Well, not just fashion TV. There are many others. You follow the various Haute Couture's [French for high fashion] from over the world. It does not really matter if it is the winter or the summer collection. You watch it awestruck anyway. Since television is one of the earliest mediums to which we are introduced,

questions like "Will I be a model?" or "Can I be a model?" arise.


Slog it out at the gym for that perfect bum:

Ok, not just the bum technically, but the entire body. You do specific exercises concentrating upon each body part such as the legs, the arms, the thighs, the waistline, even the bones for crying out loud! You maintain a diet chart and go berserk if you don't maintain it even for a single day. Congratulations, you were born to be a model.


“Cat walk? More like cake walk!”:

This one is just for the girls. So, is that you? Were you born with the skills of a cat for cat walking? If yes, then you are perfect for the world of glitz and glamour. If cat walk comes naturally to you, then you have already sold people the idea that you can walk from the ramp into their dreams.


You know a Gucci from a Jimmy Choo:

Frankly to a non-fashionista, that would seem like names someone made up to tease their friends! But you are a proven fashion geek, aren't you? The who's who of the fashion world, right from Alexander McQueen to Roberto Cavalli. If you're one who can see the difference, then you have a prospect for modelling as a career.


Fashion biographies are a must read!:

Apparently, a fashion-geek would dig up biographies of famous models or designers and read about their trials, tribulations and their glorious run in the fashion world. It's like a drug which they have to feed themselves on from time to time. If you were born for modelling, you would read a Coco Chanel biography rather than a Stephen King horror.


Fashion means the world to you:

Ultimately, what we do should seek us out and become a part of us. We seek noble professions and seek out novel ways to achieve them because that is the way we want the world to remember us. So as a model, fashion means the world to you. There's nothing you want more than to be on the cover page of a famous magazine or walk down the ramp with a million cameras flashing to catch you at your best.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 17, 2014, 14:58 [IST]
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