Anorexic Ballet Dancer Who Survived On Just 140 Calories A DAY!

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Being fat is something that can bring down one's confidence, especially when they are being bullied for their weight.

A teenage ballet dancer dropped to four stone after her cruel dance teachers said her body was "unacceptable", as she had thunder thighs!

This Anorexic Ballet Dancer Survived On…

Check out the story of a model named "Margherita Barbieri" who fought anorexia.

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She was just 18 years old and was a talented dancer, but she faced constant scrutiny from her competitive instructors during weekly assessments.

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This changed her life forever. Read on to know more about her story...


She Aspired To Be A Ballet Dancer

Margheritais originally from Reading, England, and she aspired to be a ballet dancer. She had a rude shock of her life when she wanted to learn the dance form.


She Was Told That…

This brunette was told that her body was "unacceptable for ballet". Hence, her struggle started, as she put herself on a strict diet to lose weight and in this process, she developed anorexia.


She Didn't Want Her Body To Get In The Way Of Her Dreams

She didn't want her body to get in the way of her dreams and hence she cut back on eating until she was only consuming 140 calories a day! Apart from this, she also regularly fasted, not eating anything at all for days.


It Took 12 Months For The Change To Happen!

She lost half her entire body weight in just 12 months. Her weight dropped from 110 to 55 lbs!She admitted that her teacher's comments made her hate her body. She began to enjoy punishing her own body and she fell in love with hating herself!


She Found A Way To Break The Cycle

After years of struggle, she found a way to break the cycle. Her eating habits improved so too did her appearance and overall health. After a lot of struggle, her weight rose steadily until she returned to her more natural weight of 110 lbs.


She Is Healthier And More Beautiful Than Ever

She has quit ballet in the meantime, as she realised it was unhealthy for her body and she is currently dancing in musicals, where she feels much more at ease. Luckily, she managed to overcome the disorder and regain control of her life.


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