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Interesting Facts About Pee!

Whoever said that a dog was man's best friend is not true! Because a man's best friend is his pee! Wondering how?

There are many interesting facts about pee that you should know and we're sure you would agree with this fact that pee is a man's best friend, though it sounds crazy!

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Peeing on time can take you out from embarrassing painful situations where your mind gets blocked otherwise.

The discomfort during an important meeting or looking out for places where you could pee while travelling also show just how important it is for us to pee on time!

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These are some of the factors that make us realise that pee is indeed the best friend of a man!

Apart from this, check out some of the interesting facts that you should know about peeing.


Fact #1

Did you know that a person pees 7 times in a day. If a person pees more frequently or lesser than that, then it is an alarming indication of some serious underlying health issue.


Fact #2

A healthy person's peeing lasts for about 7 seconds on an average. If the person feels the urge to pee and the peeing session lasts only upto 2 seconds or so, then the person might be suffering from an infection.


Fact #3

The food that we eat gets segregated in various forms. The body only retains the essential products, the unwanted by-products leave the body as urine and stool.


Fact #4

Did you know that the Romans used to gargle using their own pee? Hell yeah, they believed that urine contains ammonia that would help in whitening their teeth. Ewww!!



The colour of your pee can indicate your well-being. If it is clear, then you are well hydrated, and if it is pale yellow, then you are hydrated enough; if dark yellow, you are less hydrated. Apart from this, if it is brown, red or pink, then you need to check with a doctor.


Fact #6

The bladder of an adult can hold approximately around 300 to 500 ml of urine.


Fact #7

If your pee has a sweet smell, then it might be a sign of diabetes. So, make sure you closely watch the characteristics of your pee though it may sound quite disgusting, it is important you keep a check on it!

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