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Do You Know That These Jobs Can Give You Cancer?

Cancer is something that can happen to anybody; and what if the profession that you choose can make you prone to cancer?

If you think that white-collar jobs will reduce the risk of cancer, then watch out, as sitting in one place for long hours and doing less physical activities are known as important cancer risk factors.

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Here, in this article, we are about to share the list of jobs that can actually give you cancer.

These are the jobs that shoot up the risk of cancer instantly. So, make sure to take double care if you are in any of these professions!

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Check them out...


Shift Workers

Studies have revealed that working on late night shifts can trigger the risk of cancer. This is due to the circadian rhythm disruption in the body. This disruption is linked to breast cancer in women and lung cancer in men. So, for people who opt for night shifts, better be careful!


Sedentary Workers

Studies have found that people with desk-bound jobs and no physical activity are more prone to the couch potato syndrome. The risk of contracting colon, endometrial, breast or lung cancer is high with these desktop workers.


Pilots & Flight Crew

Scientists claim that pilots and flight crew members have overexposure to UV and cosmic radiations. This is due to them being at higher altitudes for a long time. This increases the cancer risk further.


Professional Drivers

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has proved that diesel exhaust fumes are carcinogenic in nature. Hence, drivers are more prone to suffer from lung cancer, as they mostly inhale these gases for long hours.


Metalwork Employees

These employees have a greater risk for kidney and larynx cancers. A detailed research has proved that women who are in this field have 75% greater risk of developing breast cancer.



Miners come in contact with many poisonous metals and there have been deaths that are related to this profession. They have a higher risk of contracting deadly stomach, brain or thyroid cancer.


Plastic Industry Workers

The workers in this industry are susceptible to liver, kidney and larynx cancers. This is because they are overexposed to wood dust, cadmium and lots of other toxic fumes.



This is a shocker, but it is quite serious. The hairdresser is constantly exposed to harmful chemicals that are present in the dyes and colours used. They are more prone to bladder, larynx and lung cancers.


Construction Workers

Did you know that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer that can affect construction workers? Well, it is! Apart from this, the other common cancer that these employees suffer from is lungs cancer. This is due to the dust and asbestos present in the air or the materials they handle!

Apart from these professions, the other professionals who are prone to cancer are factory and industry workers, rubber manufacturers, recycling workers, farmers, mechanics, and even manicurists and pedicurists!

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Story first published: Monday, November 28, 2016, 18:10 [IST]
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