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Interesting Facts About Beer To Know

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Partying without booze is no fun at all and what better way than getting your favourite mug of beer, ain't it?

Beer is one of the world's widely consumed alcoholic beverages. It is the third most-popular drink overall in the world. The first two are of course water and tea!

Most people around the world love beer and it has been estimated that an American man consumes over 23 gallons of beer every single year. Woah, imagine that!

Here, in this article, we've shared some of the interesting facts about beer that one should know. These are the facts that can blow your mind or can make you realise why it is such a popular drink after all.

Find out more about the most popular beer and the world's strongest beer that you can relish on. Read on to know more about the interesting facts of beer that you should know.


Fact #1

The study of beer is known as beer making. It has an official scientific name as well known as "Zythology". The word "zytho" means beer and "logos" means study.


Fact #2

Did you know that the most beer-drinking country in the world is the Czech Republic? Over 40 gallons of beer per year is consumed on an average by the Czech citizens.


Fact #3

There are over 400 types of beers in the world. Belgium ranks as the number one country to have the most individual beer brands.


Fact #4

The oldest drinkable beer was found in 2010, in an early 19th century shipwreck near Finland. The beer was preserved due to the cold climate under water and it tasted very old, which left an acidic aftertaste after consuming it.


Fact #5

The world's largest beer festival is known as the Oktoberfest. It is widely followed in Munich, Germany. It is a 16-day long festival that is also celebrated in most parts of the world. It starts from late September and goes on till the first week of October.


Fact #6

The foam head is a very important part of the beer. It is formed by a complex carbon dioxide reaction. The foam head can say a lot about the quality of beer. If the foam head is missing, there are chances of the beer being flat!


Fact #7

The strongest beer in the world has 67.5% of alcohol content in it. Whao, now that is quite concentrated! It is subtly named Snake venom and the Scottish manufacturers boast of such a high percentage, wherein other regular beers contain 10% of alcohol in them.

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