Evil ‘Doctor’ Pumped His Patient's Face With Cement!

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We all love to look beautiful. But what if something goes wrong? This is what happened to a woman who wanted to get botox injection and later realised the evil doctor had pumped her face with cement!

The most important part of being beautiful is when you feel beautiful from within. Whether you dye your hair or get a tattoo or even undergo a surgery, you must accept and love yourself the way you are.

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But sadly for this woman things did not work for her, as she was conned by an evil doctor!

This is the story of Rajee Narinesingh who is also a trans activist as well as an author and an actress! This talented woman has also been working to advocate for the LGBTQ community for nearly two decades.

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Check out her story after she underwent an ill-fated surgery and see how she has transformed as a more confident person.


She Went To A “Pumping Party”

It was a party where people are injected with cosmetic fillers, Botox, and other similar products. Apparently, the "doctor" running the party was a fraud!


What Happened To Her?

She went to an underground beautician for injections to fill out her face in 2005. She didn't realise that the beautician whom she had approached had claimed to be a plastic surgeon, had actually faked her credentials.


The Evil “Doctor” Did This To Her!

The evil doctor injected her with cement and tire sealant! The result ruined so many years of this woman where she lost confidence!


The Surgery Did This To Her…

These harsh industrial products quickly formed painful, unsightly lumps under her skin, making her face look entirely different from the activist's vision of a more beautiful self.


She Was Not The First Victim!

Authorities claimed that she was not the first victim of this doctor. The injections this evil doctor used had left many of her victims incredibly ill. According to reports, one patient actually died from respiratory failure as a direct consequence of the toxic treatment!


She Appeared On A TV Show!

She appeared on a TV show, which corrects people's surgery snafus. As luck had it, the doctors were able to remove the large, unsightly lumps on her face and give her a more smoother complexion.


Current State Of Her?

All thanks to the two plastic surgeons, she looks better than ever! They have helped to give her back her face!
Now she not only looks better, but also feels more confident, and that too with a huge difference.

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