An Orphan Child Who Was Saved Looks Totally Different Now, Check It Out!

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This is the story of an orphan malnourished child who was adopted and saved by his adopted parents. Read along.

Priscilla Morse of Tennessee saw a picture of a boy in an orphanage in the year 2015. The little champ was starving and was covered in hair due to undernourishment. This child looks totally unrecognizable after being adopted.

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It hardly took a few minutes for Priscilla to adopt this tiny little boy, as she wanted to make a change in his life. This child looks completely different after being adopted.

Love can do wonders, and this article will make you realise the same fact. Check out what love and warmth of a family did to this malnourished child who was adopted.

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Read about the transformation of this little boy and how his life changed after he was adopted by this wonderful lady and her family. This is a truly inspiring story!


He Was 7 Years Old!

Look at that picture! Who could tell that this boy was 7 years old then! His hair was thin and he was dying and his skin was all pale.


The Boy Was Called Ryan

This tiny bodied boy was called Ryan and the family was readily willing to accept him and do the most for this little angel.


Priscilla Heard About Him Through Reece’s Rainbow

Priscilla heard about Ryan the first time through Reece's Rainbow. It is a grant organisation that helps fund orphaned kids with special needs.


Priscilla Had Another Child

This lady has a golden heart, as she had adopted another baby girl named "McKenzie" (who has Down's syndrome and a congenital heart defect).


They Got The Boy To Tennessee

The couple adopted little Ryan from Reece's Rainbow from Bulgaria and got him to their home in Tennessee. They got him on the road to recovery!


He Was Mere Skinny And Bonny

His bones were protruding and his skin was pale as a ghost. He had several diagnoses, which included cerebral palsy, microcephaly, dwarfism, scoliosis, clubbed feet and re-feeding syndrome! He even needed a rod to be placed to straighten his back!


The Couple Remained By His Side

Throughout Ryan's road to recovery, the couple who adopted him have always been by his side and they make sure to meet his requirements and needs. He later started showing a vast improvement.


He's An Incredible Happy Guy!

With all the health issues he is facing at this tender age, Ryan still manages to smile and makes others happy around him. He even started moving around by himself during his recovery period.


After A Year, He Has Changed Completely!

It has been a tough time for this family when it came to hospital visits and the recovery steps little Ryan was taking. For sure, this little boy has a fighter's spirit!


We Thank The Parents For Adopting Him!

Check out how cute he looks now! This is a picture that has been taken after just a year and he already looks so different. We wish many more happy years to come for Ryan and his new family!

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Story first published: Saturday, December 10, 2016, 12:00 [IST]
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