Interesting Facts About Bullying

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Many people, teachers and advocacy agencies have started taking interest in learning about bullying, as there has been a drastic increase in the number of bullying cases seen everywhere. We are going to list some of the facts about bullying, keep reading.

Interesting Facts About Bullying

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Bullying is not constricted to only school or college freshers, people get bullied at any point of time. Be it their first job or any new place that they shift into, they might be bullied by the so called bullies for no reason at all.

Here, in this article, we've shared some of the interesting facts about bullying that you should know.

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Some of these facts will surely make you realise as to how serious this issue can be! Check them out...


Fact #1

About 160,000 children in the USA miss school every day and the reason for this is nothing but bullying. This is one hard fact about bullying that you should know about.


Fact #2

About 75% of shootings that happen in school are due to bullying!! Quite shocking as it may sound, it is actually true.


Fact #3

In 1981, a man who had been bullying the residents of a small Missouri town was murdered in broad daylight when about 46 people rose up against him in an act of vigilante justice.


Fact #4

Did you know that people who have had unfortunate initials, such as P.I.G. or A.S.S. have significant lower life expectancy due to psychological stress related to childhood bullying. Strange, isn't it?


Fact #5

One in 4 teachers sees nothing wrong with bullying and will only intervene 4% of the time. This is a concern, we must say and hence this is a fact on bullying you must be aware of to stop such incidents!


Fact #6

Did you know that more parents are allowing their young children to undergo plastic surgery? All this to combat bullying!! WHATT?? Guess, parents need a bit of counselling about bullying as well!

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