Most Expensive Liquids In The World!

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Have you heard about the most expensive liquids in the world? If you are wondering that it could be about some hard-core liquid or any alcohol, then you would be disappointed, my friend!

Most Expensive Liquids In The World!

This is the list of the most expensive liquids that are available in the world and it does not comprise of alcohol alone, there are other forms of liquids as well.

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With everyday prices shooting up constantly, it gets difficult to manage with our daily lives. Learning about the expensive things can make us understand and manage our needs accordingly.

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Hence, we are here to share the list of the most expensive liquids in the world. Check out the list below...


Human Blood

Did you know that the cost of blood depends mainly on the blood type? Yes, it does and the rare types of blood are the most expensive ones.


Gamma Hydroxybutyric Acid (GHB)

In a layman's terms, this is nothing but the 'date rape' drug or ‘liquid ecstasy'. This is the most expensive liquid in the world and it is also sold on the streets as an illegal drug.


Black Printer Ink

This is something that makes us wonder why is the ink so costly? Companies sell their printers at a low price, and they earn back their money by increasing the cost of the ink and hence they charge a lot for the ink cartridges. Black ink is the costliest when compared to the rest.



This is the only metal to be in liquid form at room temperature! Studies claimed that it had toxic effects when it was used in medicine, so after a point, it was diverted to non-biological work like fluorescent bulbs.



This should be listed in the most available and cheapest type of liquid, as there are so many diabetic people around. Though it is cheaper than the organic one, it is still quite an expensive liquid!



This was one of the most popular drugs back in the 60s and 70s, and it was often used by hippies. It causes the user to 'trip' and have hallucinations. And again, even this goes into the list of the most expensive liquids!

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