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Weird Phobias That People Have!

We all have phobias, though we bet none of us are sure of all the phobias a person has. Some of the phobias are funny, while some have a traumatic experience that a person can ever witness.

Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the weirdest phobias a person can suffer from. We are sure that most of these phobias that have been mentioned in this article are not known by all.

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Phobias can be fairly common or can be more obscure. With each passing day, the list of phobias just keeps increasing!

Who knew that these days many people may have some bizarre phobia like "nomophobia"? Well, it is the fear of being without your mobile phone.

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So, find out about more on some of the most weird phobias that people have and can suffer from.



This is a fear of opinions. In this case, the person can do anything and everything just to avoid listening to other people's opinions! The person's palms get sweaty, or his heartbeat increases when he is made to hear somebody else's opinion. This condition happens when the individual's opinions are not heard, and he gets into a nutshell!



This phobia is kind of funny, but the reality is, it does exist! It is the fear of peanut butter sticking to one's palette! Can you imagine if a friend panics when this happens, while the rest laugh at the poor person? Well, it can happen.



It is the fear of standing or even walking! This happens to people who have met with a severe accident that has completely changed their lives! It is definitely the most weird phobia a person can have.



It is the fear of watching beautiful women. The person suffering from this condition experiences rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, etc. This can happen to them even while watching beautiful women on TV or YouTube!



This is the strangest fear a human can have! In this phobia, the person suffers from the fear of money. In this condition, the person will completely shun the use of money in their daily lives or develop a fear where they do not wish to let go of the money they have!



The name is self-explanatory. In this weird phobia, people are extremely scared of making big decisions that include money or which influences other people's lives. Over a period of time, they become dependent on others, as they cannot decide on anything.



This is one strange phobia which people can have that will develop social anxiety in the person who suffers from this! In this phobia, the person is afraid when things are placed on his right side!!



This is a life-threatening phobia. In this condition, the person develops the fear of swallowing. The person is scared to swallow anything and this can be quite dangerous!

If you know of any such weird phobias that people have, then do share them with us in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 7, 2016, 14:35 [IST]
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