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How Can You Overcome The Fear Of Going To The Dentist?
Most of us fear going to the dentist and when the fear is at extreme levels, it is called dental phobia or dental anxiety. Most of the dental procedures aren't painful, but most people get anxiety issues about going to the ...
How To Overcome Dental Phobia

Weird Phobias That People Have!
We all have phobias, though we bet none of us are sure of all the phobias a person has. Some of the phobias are funny, while some have a traumatic experience that a person can ever witness. Here, in this article, ...
What Causes Panic Attacks In Kids
Anxiety is rather natural and kids, like adults, have anxiety about any number of things, that they manage with no real issues. When a child's anxiety is so intense, irrational and drawn-out that it interferes with his capability to function properly ...
What Causes Panic Attacks In Kids
Why Some Men Are Scared Of Women?
Yes, some men have a fear of women, and that fear is known as gynophobia. In fact, some men are specifically scared of beautiful women. Also Read: Hidden Secrets Behind Love And Lust Don't confuse fear with hatred. Men who ...
All Hail Radhika Apte: The Queen Of Quirky Stripes!
The movie 'Phobia' is going to be out soon; and until then, we get to see Radhika Apte in the most coolest outfits of the season. Radhika has been dressing consistently well and impressing us with her sense of modern fashion. ...
7 Most Funniest Phobias In The World
Aren't we all afraid of something or the other? If you are one of those people who fears for something, congratulations you have a phobia! So, what is a phobia? It is a type of an anxiety disorder, usually defined as ...
Seven Most Funniest Phobias In The World
7 Strange Food Phobias In The World
There are some people who love to eat, there are some who live to eat and of course, there are some who cannot eat. Wondering what we mean? Well, there are a list of strange food phobias that people suffer from ...
Symptoms Of School Phobia
Some children hate to go to the school. They try to avoid it as much as they can. Some children even go to an extent of developing fear. This is called as school phobia. What are the symptoms of school phobia? ...
Symptoms Of School Phobia
Celebrities With Weird Phobias
Fear is an emotion which at times cannot be controlled. When you have a certain phobia, you do whatever you can to stay away from things which makes you feel nervous. For instance, there are a handful of people who fear ...

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