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What Causes Panic Attacks In Kids

By Lekhaka

Anxiety is rather natural and kids, like adults, have anxiety about any number of things, that they manage with no real issues. When a child's anxiety is so intense, irrational and drawn-out that it interferes with his capability to function properly at home, in school, with neighbours, with friends, with relatives, etc., then it might be a disorder like general nervousness disorder.

A comparatively small nerve-racking event, that causes increased nervousness, can trigger a panic attack. Here you will discover possible reasons for nervousness and anxiety attacks in children.

Kids like to feel safe and comfortable, with day-to-day routines that they know and are familiar with. When this case is changed drastically they can become anxious and stressed. When they are not able to adapt rapidly enough they may suffer from nervousness and panic attacks.

Typical of these changes are moving to a brand new school, moving to a brand new neighbourhood, etc. Kids with already higher than ordinary levels of nervousness due to an issue in the home surroundings, school pressures, peer pressures, intimidation, etc. may suffer from panic attack at times.

When faced with what would typically be looked upon as an every day stressful event, may cause the kid to suffer from a panic attack. Put simply, a comparatively small amount of increased stress on top of already existing nervousness can trigger a panic attack.

Some children may develop an anxiety of being away from the comfortable and watchful security of their parents and home. Anxiety while attending a nursery, being away on a club scouts camp, etc. can cause panic attacks.

This is most obvious when the kid is old enough to attend school. They usually on a regular basis come up with numerous reasons why they cannot go, like feeling sick, tummy pains, sore tooth, nausea, etc.

Clearly, this may also be due to intimidation, so you should follow through. This may be because of fear, the fear of the unknown, anxiety about change, etc. All these can cause panic attacks.

Story first published: Friday, November 18, 2016, 9:53 [IST]
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